Breitbart puts things another way

Rotherham’s MP, Sarah Champion is a Desperate Chancer

The people of Rotherham could be forgiven for believing they had a new hope in the form of their fresh MP Sarah Champion.

After the insufferably smug and criminally negligent “true Guardian Reader” Denis MacShane, anything would seem an improvement. Wouldn’t it? Unfortunately the signs are not good, as the Rotherham scandals widen and deepen, that Champion herself is fit for purpose.

34 thoughts on “Breitbart puts things another way

  1. Oh dear oh dear ….. FX and RR won’t like this thread will they ….I almost felt sorry for her … out there on her own under the labour banner all on her own with no support from her comrades… She ought to do the right thing and drop the labour banner and go it alone …. you can’t slag your team mates off and still play with them.


    • “FX and RR won’t like this thread will they”
      Well , I’ve only just read the comment thread and it’s pretty much what I’ve got to expect on here over the last few months.
      The Breitbart London (BL) article is something else. I can’t find the author on Journlisted (17 “Weston”s , but no “Danny Lee Weston”) and only one other article by him on BL – he is even more obscure than BL’s Ms “Exclusive”, A. B. Sanderson.
      But I’ll read it fully and watch Thursday’s Daily Politics – and then comment on the article. .


  2. Breitbart is obviously no fan of Miss Goody Two Shoes. I noticed the comments about her deleting her stupid and offensive tweet (conscience kicked in?) and her sudden non-appearance on Daily Politics, has she suddenly realised that just attacking her opponents (instead of putting forward viable alternatives) is not very grown up? She lacks the courage to actually say what needs to be said concerning the Casey Report and Pakistani grooming gangs and the epic failures of Labour councillors.
    Meanwhile Miliband stays silent.


    • If Milibrand keeps apologising for his party failures, he’ll have nothing positive to say about what they’ve really got to offer the British public. How many cans of worms can a party really open.


    • What can you say in defence of that? And there still remains the police who need investigating. I watched a youtube video where aUKIP MP Mark Reckless, spoke of the parents of a girl that was raped repeatedly, who were told they had to pay £500 for the cigarettes and the alcohol supplied to the girl. Beat that!


  3. Sarah Champion states that the people of Rotherham know right from wrong..who exactly is she referring too..and that they were making the views known to UKIP …how does she know who re the 40 or so protesters were and where they came banner said “against Austerity on it”
    UKIP are not responsible for that, and how disparaging for the victims of CSE for an MP to suggest UKIP were rubber necking…how immature!! Is it not also hillarious that Roger Stone has been holed up somewhere for months now ..and dare not show his face … those that he so woefully let down….lets get the real culprits out in the open ..on public display..then we can all have something to really rubbe neck at!!


    • Who is their left to vote for in May 2015, as the way we are going ,I don’t see anyone that gives me hope for the future. We have those that have abandoned ship , never to be seen in daylight for weeks. And those that are hanging in their, hoping against hope they can slot back in.
      Only way I can vote labour is with a complete set of new people ,who really want to help people of this town. And not let positions go to their heads.
      And we need a better calibre of individuals , who could become open and transparent and be seen to work for the people of Rotherham.
      At the moment our town is run down , and our young people betrayed by those who were elected to serve . And the rubber necking statement was not a good thing to say, just scoring political points .
      Too much as gone on under the Labour Party, and it’s not good. How can we just carry on as if none of this CSE as happened. It as happened and we need people making accountable .


      • The Labour Party pay more obesance to immigrants and PC than the native electorate. Were you asked to approve of the immigration policy that has flooded England with immigrants who, I remember reading about, were hardly checked about their backgrounds?


    • “Demonstrator Alistair Tice, of the Trade Unionist & Socialist Coalition (TUSC), said the protest was organised quickly in response to Farage’s visit”


      The spokesperson of the rabble is a member of Leeds Socialist Society. By associating herself with their action Champion is indulging herself in far left fellow travelling.

      This is all quite deplorable.

      The rabble’s posters proclaim “No Bigatary(sic), Justice for the Victims”. By screaming down everybody and anybody for many years who knew what was going on and how it would inevitably get much worse; by imposing a politically correct terror, they acted as grooming-rape enablers. Of course they are so warped, they could never bring themselves to admit it.

      Champion has shown herself quite unfit to be a Parliamentarian. Whatever you think of Farage he is an elected politician leading a party with a great deal of support in the country, if we had a fair voting system UKIP would already have many seats in the HOC. And yet Champion gloats that he was unable to fulfil his engagements thanks to the risk of thuggery from a mob. She must have breached Parliamentary standards through her crass tweet compounded by her remarks to Andrew Neil.

      Finally why couldn’t SYP have cleared the mob away from the shopfront so that Farage could go about his business? They’ve been quick enough to protect rapists it would seem


  4. It wasn’t long ago Sarah Champion was making speeches in teh commons congratulating the council and telling us not to point the finger at Pakistani men? Is this exactly the ‘denial’ and political correctness that rmbc has just been found guilty of? I don’t recall her ever publcily criticising any of the key culpruits until such point as a major report comes out and then its too late. Her words are cheap. It’s all about misdirection. But then again why would she care its not like she lives here is it?


    • Just watch the interview where she’s harping on about how disgusted she is with those that let down these victims. Carefully avoiding any personal responiability of her part in this scandal. She seems incapable of apportioning the blame for this mess on the very people who cause this, the Pakistani preptrators and thier leaders.

      She keeps harping in about surpport for the victims, but when Andrew O’Neil rightly points out that this could’ve and should’ve be avoided and when Jack a Straw raised these issue some 4 years ago, he was shouted down, she sheepishly agrees, which begs the question how the hell didn’t she know something terrible was going on in her own town. She seems to think if she can tell everyone of all the marvellous achievements she’s surpposed to have done, like raising a few questions in the HOC, appearing in any media outlet that will listen to her rantings, she’ll somehow convince people she doing everything to solve this problem.

      What she doesn’t understand is that in the eyes of the Public, she along with the Council and the Labour Party are the ones that got us into this mess and therefore nobody is going to believe they are the people to trust to solve this problem.


      • On the youtube video I saw, she seemed to be more irate about Farage ‘exploiting’ the situation for political gain. Andrew Neil replied: ‘That’s what politicians do’. Personally if there was ever a scandal that deserved to be exploited, it’s this, as long as the victim of it are the people responsible. Go for it Mr Farage!!


  5. Ms Champion does tend to lead by the chin – perhaps she should get someone else to write her tweets as this is not the first time she’s revealed her true self on Twitter. Back in 2013 when I once again raised the seriousness and of the grooming issue she tweeted:

    Just on @BBCSheffield re CSE. Is Yvonne Ridley bitter because she lost?
    Why can’t she acknowledge positives happening now in #rotherham? – 08

    The exchange was picked up by Rothpo at the time provoking te comment: “Lower than a snakes belly to use the abuse and rape of children to score a cheap political point, how tidy to use the term CSE to cover up what actually took place in Rotherham”.

    Of course since then Ms Champion has finally woken up to the fact that the grooming scandal in Rotherham is massive, but her Daily Mirror story that a million could be affected is certainly a far, far cry from what she was saying in her by-election campaign. Who is advising her?

    And since my outburst on Radio Sheffield about the police, the council and the low conviction rate has anyone else been hauled into court? No, not one. Yes Sarah I’m bitter – not because I lost but because it took a long, long time for you to wake up to the realities of what is really happening in Rotherham.

    But now that you have finally distanced yourself from the poisonous cabal which helped sweep you to victory, the question must be asked: Can you do it again without their bullying, intimidation and influence over a large swathe of the electorate?


  6. How dare Champion accuse Nigel F of “Rubbernecking” when she has done nothing else but do the same from the minute she took up her seat in Parliament. It seems clear to me that she orchestrated the disgusting demonstration outside the new UKIP offices using the very tribal voters who have voted in the pile of despicable excrement called RMBC Labour Group we have had foisted on us over the past decades. The excrement which have brought Rotherham to its knees in every way. What a disgusting sight it was!


  7. It’s getting very silly now. The best way to deal with UKIP (and BNP, EDL, Galloway etc for that matter) is to let them speak, and hang themselves with their own words. The truth will out if you give it space. Get to the realities behind the sound bites. Reasoned debate will show UKIP up as an essentially right wing party who do NOT have the interests of ordinary people (and certainly not ordinary Rotherham people) at heart. This kind of tokenistic gesture politics is totally self defeating, a gift to UKIP. Ignorant idiots who can’t even spell! What an own goal! The rationale for Left of centre solutions to our problems, stands up on it’s own without this nonsense.

    I, for one, would like to know what UKIP really think so I can examine it more closely. I have been deprived of that opportunity. Rotherham, and the whole UK desperately needs intelligent and balanced debate on the issues and, by every means, to address the democratic deficit. We need to arrive at a consensus that will create the will to drive forward positive change. The outcome of yesterday is a) more polarisation b) more people put off from voting and c) people probably going to vote UKIP out of an ignorant sympathy, reacting negatively to the tribal antics of their opponents, rather than on the basis reasoned understanding of policies. Brilliant!


    • We all know it’s essentially a right-wing party! But if it exposes the ludicrous obeisance paid by the mamby-Pamby leaders of Europe, never mind the UK, to Islam and PC at the moment. then it’s in tune with what a lot of people think.The Muslims hold us in contempt! Rightly so in many cases. Pity is that this contempt has led them into sexually abusing our young girls and with the tacit connivance of the Labour-run council in Rotherham, it existed for 16 years. Even to the extent that they got the plice to tell the parents of a girl who was repeatedly raped, that they owed the perpetrators £500 for alcohol and cigarettes they used on the victim! Beat that for contempt!


  8. I have just watched Sarah on video. Not comfortable. She is both right and wrong. Wrong to defend, in any way, the local Labour group. No one in Rotherham in their right mind can vote Labour at the moment. But the issue is also beyond politics. Its happening everywhere. The real issue is about the disconnect between the political, commercial and managerial elite who rule Britiain (with their three wise monkey attitudes) and the rest of us poor sods. Turning a blind eye to abuses of all kinds (sexual, economic, legal, political) leaves those at the bottom most vulnerable.
    If Sarah wants to really do something positive about cse (and about the merry go round of useless managers, sh**ting on a town then moving on to rake in a big salary elsewhere), she needs to stand in Rotherham as an Independent. The writing is on the wall for her. She cannot totally disassociate herself from the Labour tag. Help her Mr Milibean! We need draconian performance management criteria for these officers Neil mentions (aka useless drongoes) who supposedly run local government. After all, we should expect the very best from them. Those who fall short would be tagged and barred from moving on anywhere, possibly demoted to a clerical position with a middle management mentor, to retrain. That is after any disciplinary and/or criminal proceeding routes have been considered, of course.


  9. The proesters outside the UKIP headquarters do not represent the people of Rotherham who are sick and tired of this looney Labour party pandering to the Pakistani comunity in Rotherham just to secure their vote and keep them in their jobs. Sarah Champion should only be listened to on T.V. with the sound turned off.
    I would urge anyone to read Danny Lockwoods book “the Islamic Republic of Dewsbury” to see what is happening in towns all over Britain.


  10. I have been banging on about how the council in this town has been run for years, from the days my mother was a receptionist at millside, and witnessed the same sexism and bullying culture all the way back then. I certainly didn’t need the Casey report to verify that. I’m glad the council has been cleared out, but what now. I guess I have a year to campaign for a seat on the council, at least then there’ll be 1 person that was born and bred in our town sitting in a position and trying to make a difference.
    I have considered it before, but am now serious, so I need advice and guidance in order to make this happen. As I have said, born and bred in Rotherham, I’ve seen and suffered through the decimation of rotherhams industry so my experience in my home town is similar to my fellow townsfolk. I can relate surely that important. How can I continually talk about wanting to make a difference without trying to prove it. So any advice is welcomed and always helpful.


    • Join the Labour Party, past experience has shown they’ll accept anyone and they’ll be looking for some new candidates without any scandal attached to them, which in Rotherham these days is few and far between.


    • Jason if you do decide to stand I wish you well. We need more Independent councillors with no party line to stick to, people who are prepared to do the right thing instead of being overly concerned with upsetting the (often imagined) sensibilities of the few, to the detriment of the many. Less political correctness and more action, less time (and money) spent on “fact finding” junkets here there and everywhere whist cutting services in Rotherham, less concern with getting awards for doing nothing of real substance and an understanding that the jobs they are elected to carry out means that they work to do OUR bidding, not to line their own pockets and their friends and families pockets too.

      Try contacting some of the Independents on the council, they might be able to help guide you through the process, and will probably be more willing to help than the Labour councillors, who don’t really like any opposition.


  11. Was this another Labour Party tactic to try and silence UKIP in Rotherham
    First they try to use legal action now Labour Representatives support Mob Rule
    They was never democratic in town hall now the tactics are can’t get to the ball so get the man
    They will never never learn


      • What would have been priceless would have been for some of the protesters to have been arrested. In the miners’ strike Arthur Scargill was arrested for obstructing the public pavement, why weren’t some of these people!


    • Ukip need to call for an investigation into SYP from an outside force (a rural force that doesn’t have grooming gangs of their own they’re covering up). That’ll make the top plod even more hostile but it might make some of the lower ones help you out on the sly.


  12. I’ve seen bigger crowds outside the Mailcoach across the road at opening time as I pass on by – and I must say I pass on by.

    Personally I would have advised the protesters not to protest or do so by other mean – and I also think the timing of the so called opening of the office was simply an opportunist planned political stunt that’s timing was odious too. Both sets of ‘attention point scoring attention seeking rent a crowed shouters’ should reflect.

    As for ‘Bubbles’ apparent suggestion ‘plodders’ should help out UKIP on the sly’. If that is his / her suggestion I wouldn’t welcome it. We do need SYP investigating and held to fully account – but any investigation should be open, transparent and fully unaccountable publicly with no consideration but for the truth,whole truth and nothing but the truth. Yes no stone should be left unturned but we need the police to be politically independent, accountable to the public and victims and the people they serve, and not ‘beholding to ANY political party’s influence. We have seen enough of that already. And look where that got us.

    SKT xxxx


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