Farage trapped in UKIP shop Rotherham





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21 thoughts on “Farage trapped in UKIP shop Rotherham

  1. The truth is UKIP are gaining more support in Rotherham … everyone I have spoken to has said they have had enough of labour ..and rightly so . Also Nigel Farage is more than welcome to come to my town anytime he wants , the forty or so protesters are just fed up because their leaders have been found to be inadequate .


  2. It’s a Labour own goal.
    Just shows them up for what they really are, and how they will never change, imposing their will on everyone they don’t like in attempt to cover-up their shortcomings.

    I don’t particularly like Farage, but he’s a very savvy politician – he’s played this one just right and gained more publicity than he could have wished for and trumped the opposition.

    I laughed outloud when I saw the reports – the Labour / Lefties in Rotherham really are thick as two planks. Just more votes for UKIP.


  3. I will be going into the office Monday and saying hello. I am wondering if Rotherhvalley will also have an office or whether this will be a central office.


  4. Labour scum denying the rights of free speech and freedom of association to a party that does not support or represent their views.
    It is my understanding some ex-councillors were among the protestors with their trade union buddies. Well done. You’ve been given the rope and you’ve hung yourselves.
    Meanwhile Miliband remains silent.


  5. Watch those protester, a lot of them seem like council workers, were they given time off to persue their political activities instead doing the jobs their actually paid to do. No wonder the Council is in a mess.


  6. Was he hell trapped! Just another cheap stunt by Farage. A handful of well-policed, and very well behaved protesters, but Farage decided to play the victim intimidation card. And of course it worked – being interviewed from inside his ‘trap’ on national TV. What a fraud and a charlatan this man is, who has made millions in expenses from his 15 years on the ‘EU gravy train’.


  7. Who said they were threatening? Mr Farage took advice from the police and did not come out …. Jane Collins might well have been smiling at Sarah Champions hilarious tweet.


  8. 40 or so demonstrators most of them were from outside Rotherham brought in by the TUC Sarah was interviewed then saying the people of Rotherham ( yeah all 40 of them ) don’t want Nigel there she never made reference to the fact that she thought it disgusting when the EDL shipped demonstrators in which is just the same ( double standards or what ? ) She’s running scared just like the rest of the looney labour councillors you know the old saying “More crooks dressed up that locked up” they all drink from the same trough but not for much longer “People of Rotherham open your eyes and vote UKIP”


  9. I have and never will promote UKIP as the answer to any working class area’s problems. The problem lies with the fragmented left. Whilst the corrupt Labour Group slink off into the shadows there is a huge political vacuum appearing and UKIP are filling it because there is no left alternative to Labour. Whilst Respect, TUSC, Socialist Workers, Independents etc continue to act out their Pythonesque ‘people’s front of Judea’ sketch in real life, UKIP will sweep to power in May. Now is the time for Rotherham people to stand up and reclaim our town!


  10. I think this is one of the most perceptive posts I have seen in recent days in this forum. I agree it is time for Rotherham people to reclaim their town but HOW is the big question.

    The B.


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