First from tomorrows Times

Thought readers wouldn’t want to miss the first from Andrew Norfolk:

Councillor who ‘stifled talks’ on Rotherham sex grooming

A Labour councillor in Rotherham is under investigation by the party for his alleged use of bullying and intimidation to stifle discussion of the town’s sex-grooming scandal.

Mahroof Hussain, who announced his resignation from the authority yesterday, is the subject of complaints from a fellow Labour councillor and another member of the local party, relating to separate incidents last year.

13 thoughts on “First from tomorrows Times

  1. Also excellent Times Editorial which blasts the sickening cant of the Deputy Children’s Commissioner in particular and politically correct lefties in general – it’s their fault in a nutshell, the guilty shown up for what they are

    “On Wednesday night, with a straight face, the deputy children’s commissioner said on television that the plague of sex grooming in Rotherham and other towns was the result of an “often wilful turning of a blind eye”. The analysis was right; the gall, breathtaking. This was the same deputy children’s commissioner, Sue Berelowitz, who for several years wilfully turned a blind eye to a central feature of the grooming exposed by The Times, namely that the overwhelming majority of perpetrators were men of Pakistani origin.
    Ms Berelowitz was not alone. Her long refusal to confront the racial component of this scandal reflects an attitude widely shared on the left. It is an attitude that says political correctness comes before the welfare of teenage girls, who have already been betrayed by social services, the police and often their own families. It is an attitude that delayed action against grooming, prolonged the suffering of victims and left their families, as one father put it, in despair.”

    And just as a Guardian comment piece bleats ingenuously

    “These child abuse failures show that Rotherham is probably not alone”(NS Sherlock?)

    there are yet more mass arrests

    “Twenty five men have been charged with child sex offences in Calderdale following a major police operation.

    The men, mainly from Halifax, have been charged with various offences including rape, trafficking for the purposes of sexual exploitation, sexual activity with a child under 16, sexual assault, voyeurism, sexual grooming, conspiracy to engage in sexual activity with a child under 16, causing a child under 16 to engage in sexual activity without consent and supply of a Class B drug.”

    “Twenty more people have been charged with sexual offences as part of police’s Operation Sanctuary probe.

    The charges follow the 13-month investigation into allegations of offences committed against vulnerable women and girls across the North East.

    So far, 31 people have been charged as part of the operation and the latest charges relate to 12 victims, aged between 13 and 25.”

    Finally that ornament of a broken Ancien Regime, a creature who wouldn’t be out of place in Gormenghast, Lord Leveson, owes an apology

    Fat chance


    • Parsonage totally agree with about that disgrace of a Deputy Children Commissioner, Sue Berelowitz. For years she denied the obvious and even tried to confuse what CSE was, by lumping it in with other forms of abuse.

      Year after year, she’s been challenge about the main preptrators , Pakistani men and year after year, she’s denied they are the main culprits of the new crime. This woman has cliam that CSE is prevailant in other Ethnic groups , when there was no evidence, even convictions to surpport her ludicrous assertions.

      She’s tried to claim that Black Street gangs in London, were committing CSE , when the odd little girl had a fling, with a rival gang member, young men and girls do engage in sex sometimes. The last I heard from this ridiculous creature, was when she was claiming that a dance some youngster were doing was a form of CSE .

      Time for her, the Children commission and other Children charities , who all denied that CSE existed to go.


  2. The back stabbing has started , Sarah Champion was book to appear on the Daily Polictics show the other day, but suddenly cancel. She’s never misses a chance for some free publicity, wondering if she’s been told to keep a lower profile on Rotherhams CSE scandal, elections just around the corner.


    • OK – so which “other day” was it?
      Or perhaps you have a link to some website that may have more information.
      Given that she is on radio and/or TV just about every day of the week she is hardly keeping a “low profile”.


    • Apparently she’s had a Road to Damascus moment

      “There could be up to a million victims of child sexual exploitation in the UK, it is feared.

      Rotherham’s Labour MP Sarah Champion describes it as a “national disaster” and is demanding a taskforce to fight the “horror.”

      In an exclusive interview with the Daily Mirror the shaken MP has told how she ‘nearly lost her mind’ after victims turned to her for help – unable to trust the police or local council.”

      But as everybody knows prior to the publication of the Jay Report she knew little or nothing of this, and she has retained the services of Messrs Sue, Grabbit and Runne to maintain the point; along with the 2 other know nothings.

      The fact that a lot of highly disturbing information was already in the public domain is apparently of no relevance whatsoever.

      As their legal action for defamation apparently rests on much the same basis of ignorance so contemptuously dismissed by Casey we’ll have to see, I wouldn’t be suprised if they dropped it shortly after the GE.


      • “But as everybody knows prior to the publication of the Jay Report she knew little or nothing of this,”
        I seem to remember Ms Collins MEP saying almost exactly the same in her speech at UKIP’s Doncaster conference. As I recollect she appeared on the Rotherham political scene at the same time as Ms Champion MP, and yet had been involved in S. Yorkshire politics from much earlier – unlike Ms Champion. .


    • She has just been on today, and answered everything straight. Ukip are desperate to discredit her, but it isn’t working – she is impressive, and intelligent, while the awful Ukip Collins woman is just a ranting mediocrity.


      • Yes she answer everything asked of her, from the poistion of ignorance prior to 2014 . If the charge againist the Labour Party and the Council in general is that they turn a blind eye or even worse was in denial, until the Jay Report, then she’s just as guilty. This is despite the fact that Northfolk was running his stories.

        Remember, Norfolk from 2012, Select Committee 2013, her report with Bernado’s 2013, where she patently fail to address the ethnicity question, Pakistani groomers. In no occasion did she seem to approach the Council. social services or the Police and ask any questions about CSE in Rotherham. I assume that Jane Senior is a local lass, but she didn’t find her until 2014.

        Her bleating in the Mirror, once again blaming everybody else for this failure . Now she criticising her old mate jahakar, the same guy she was taking selfie with. It seems she didn’t know too much about what was happening on her own patch.

        I still see her not critsising the Pakistani community about it’s complicity in this sorry tale, votes matter more. No it’s time to clear out the lot of them.


      • How you can possibly consider someone intelligent who when asked by Andrew Neil if labour were responsible for what has happened and denies it beggars belief. Sorry but they are responsible mcshane by his own admission knew about it but said nothing


  3. Parsonage,.. I think you missed the actual Times journo piece on the Deputy Children’s Commissioner
    “Child watchdog was too timid over grooming gangs, say MPs”
    and your Press Gazette story was featured here two months ago – which was when it was published.
    The Daily Mail goes doorstepping in Rotherham
    …and finally and specially for Mr Parsonage we have Dan Hodges in the Telegraph:


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