The Times – Moving the story on

Today’s installment from Andrew Norfolk:

photo page 11


5 thoughts on “The Times – Moving the story on

  1. Berelowitz wasn’t timid, just unbelieveable stupid. The evidence was insurmountable for everyone, yet she choose to ignore it and wander off into the twilight zone.

    How convient for the Labour inquiry into the four suspended members, that Lousie Casey report, has allow them to widen this investigation into other members. So take it won’t be completed until after the elections. It’s systematic of this party to bury things and then let them quietly fade away.


  2. am afraid its the state of play in rotherham when the pakistani community cant get there own way , as one member of the community once said , “we will get lads in”


    • Cooker
      It is very sad and worrying that this problem will continue throughout the UK until the ethnic minority communities start condemning their own more forcefully and openly and honestly.
      It seems to be readily acceptable that their behaviour and attitude to white girls is acceptable yet they would readily slaughter anyone who did it to their own daughters.
      They want all the freedom that living in the UK brings and none of the true responsibility of citizenship that it brings and so many of the criminals pretend to be devoutly religious.
      It stinks.


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