A lesson from the past?

Reminded of this post by RR on Rothbradpolitics back when denial ruled:

CSE Myth 08_02_2015


Published previously:

Friday Night is Film Night!

6 thoughts on “A lesson from the past?

  1. I really want to post something intelligent and meaningful to that link but I can’t as the only description I can come up with is that its a total load of crap.

    Akhtar and Hussain are honourable men who had no involvement in cover ups? What have they been smoking……


  2. Finally I challenge anyone to produce a single piece of evidence to support the outrageous allegations that ” certain aggressive cllrs stopped investigation” These allegations are total lies.

    Please speak to Ms L Casey.


  3. Let’s not fool ourselves; the Rotherham Bradford blog was an attempt to silence Rik.

    Rik was on their case and they knew it, a threatening film clip, commentators to the blog added to the menace to try and stop the scale of the abuse of children being made public.

    Respect were given a very hard time when they tried to raise the issue as a real problem for the town.

    I do hope that the police look at this blog and all those who contributed to it.


    • I can’t see the Police looking into the blog any time soon considering they hold evidence including names, address’s, take away address’s etc of perpetrators but yet don’t seem to have done a great deal about it yet. What chance is there of them following up comments on a blog?

      Unless of course you want to insult the religion of peace or make a racist comment and you can guarantee the Police will be all over you like a rash.

      The B.


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