Nigel Farage on Champion – more about Farage

Regular Reader spotted this in the Huffington Post:

Nigel Farage Calls Rotherham MP Sarah Champion ‘Disgraceful’

Nigel Farage has called a Labour MP a “disgraceful woman” after she accused him of rubber-necking at victims of child abuse.

Interviewed at his party’s North East Spring Conference in Hartlepool, he branded Rotherham’s Labour MP Sarah Champion a “disgraceful woman” after she claimed his visit on Friday to her scandal-hit constituency amounted to rubber-necking.

She tweeted that it was “hilarious” that he was trapped in the Ukip office by protesters.

To read it all click link below:

The Financial Times ran this last week showing UKIP to be rattling everyone’s cages, or so it would appear?

and the Times has it’s say.

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18 thoughts on “Nigel Farage on Champion – more about Farage

  1. He’s absolutely right, she is! If he has been rubber necking as she says, so has she since they day she took up her seat in Westminster. Also, the way she used those tribal voters to block the Towns’ streets in the way she did is disgraceful. She is supporting those very same people who voted in the Labour scum in Rotherham in the first place who have disgraced all the people of Rotherham over the past decades. Shame on the woman just when I thought she might be doing a decent job, which is a change for Labour MP’s.


    • This is polictics and were in the run up to an election, unfortunately this is where the masks slips and the real, duplicitous Ms Champion will emerge.


        How’s your new photography business going?
        From what I understand Common Purpose began in UK in about 1989.
        Well, I returned to UK in 1988 after more than 3 years away, and took on a consultancy assignment with a Swiss Bank, then when the poll tax came in in 1991 I left for mainland Europe and didn’t return much to UK except for holidays etc until after I retired.
        So when were you thinking I became a fully paid-up member of Common Purpose?
        Or maybe you are confusing me with someone else. 🙂


    • She very quickly and openly said her tweet “read wrong” and was not aimed at Mark Russell.
      Sarah Champion apparently finds it hilarious that two democratically elected politicians were, to prevent them electioneering, blockaded in a building by a rabble who have only minuscule public support.
      Questions need to be asked why the police did not clear them away from the building.
      When the BNP (no I’m not a member) requested permission to hold a static protest against the new enlarged mosque, they had to it hold some distance from the present mosque on the Thornhill rec. Why weren’t these people made to do the same?
      Questions to SYP please!


  2. Note Mrs Champion did not say it was wrong and undemocratic for the Unions to block a pavement and prevent ordinary people from passing, nor did she say it was wrong to trap and prevent a member of the opposition from going about their lawful business. It should also be noted that she made some unsavoury Tweets about the situation and she had to retract them later.
    Someone should start digging and find out who actually organised the union protest, did we see our very own Rotherham Rep Mr Symonds there ??. It was know in advance that UKIP was to open the office, so this was a pre planned attack by the unions.
    SYP, at it again, instead of telling UKIP to stay inside, they should have removed the unions and allowed them out. It seems that Labour/unions still have a hold over what happens in the town, SYP should start acting in a more unbiased way, and applying the rules to everyone regardless of the politics.


  3. “She very quickly and openly said her tweet “read wrong” and was not aimed at Mark Russell.”

    Not so Mal.

    See below. My family sent me this and more. Like I have said before my family clan come from all over the globe. (Such a mix of national heritages am I) Ms Collins ‘backed down’ after legal action was threatened and shouldn’t have said it in the first place. But like she says herself she ‘is hot headed’.


    • It is is quoted in the BT as saying, “Ms Collins responded tweeting: “Yes because we’d soon stop your criminal activity. Paedos leave our kids alone. #Ukip.”
      The word “your” that she used did not mean him personally, it meant the people in the church in Ireland and we all know how that was covered up there for decades, with exposed priests being allowed to move on to another village.. She withdrew the remark and made a donation to charity – which was something she did not have to do.
      It is noticeable that you make no mention of Sarah Champion finding it hilarious that her political opponents were prevented from electioneering by a mob and the police did absolutely nothing!


  4. Totally agree with s thornton, I am also fed up with left wing rent a mobs turning up in rotherham having a go at anybody that does not agree with them,most do not live in rotherham but come from sheffield and further afield .these are the same people that would ban other groups coming saying things against labour council , why do the police not move
    them to town square like edl and fence them in, or would that be against their civil rights ,it’s funny how democracy only works if your swp unite tusc uaf or any other lefties, saying that it did not stop labour in rotherham trying to stop respect getting afoot hold here.


  5. MAl,

    Read upwards. I did say Ms Champion was wrong.

    No where did I see Ms Collins retweeting links form extreme right wing sites as well as the Tommy Robinson in his EDL days, Britain First and more. Ermmmm- maybe her own page.

    SKT xxxx


  6. Sorry it should have read

    NOW where did I see Ms Collins retweeting links form extreme right wing sites as well as the Tommy Robinson in his EDL days, Britain First and more. Ermmmm- maybe her own page.

    SKT xxx


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