The effect can be shattering!

Sent this amongst my emails I am only just catching up on, thought readers might like to see it too:

The Rotherham Common Purpose Effect

By blurring the boundaries between people, professions, public and private sectors, responsibility and accountability, Common Purpose encourages “graduates” to believe that as new selected leaders, they can work together, outside of the established political and social structures, to achieve a paradigm shift or CHANGE – so called “Leading Beyond Authority”. In doing so, the allegiance of the individual becomes ‘re-framed’ on CP colleagues and their NETWORK. Is it any wonder the local authority is “not fit for purpose” in the latest official report? Click link to read in full.

14 thoughts on “The effect can be shattering!

  1. Oh for God sake. The UK Column with Gerrish and his band of conspiracy-theory muppets. Common Purpose (CP) is a subversive marxist-inspired organisation, perhaps formed for networking the “new leaders” , although this isn’t proven. Councils all over the country are full of CP graduates, but there is no evidence whatsoever that Rotherham, Oldham, Rochdale, Oxford, telford, or any grooming areas were CP infested.
    Just don’t bother to go down that path, because besides being totally unproveable, it simply deflects from the real focus of the situation. It will also lead anyone to be ridiculed who brings this up an issue.
    There is some truth in what Gerrish says about Common Purposeand it’s marxist tentacles, but in the case of Rotherham’s grooming it is just conjecture and will lead nowhere. You can’t prosecute someone because they went on a course, but you can prosecute them for misconduct, and that’s the way to go.
    Personally, watching the Select Committee hearings, I would be more inclined to think that Stone, Wright and Thacker has been abducted by aliens and their brains removed, rather than the Gerrish brainwashing nonsense.


    • I go along with that to some extent but there’s no doubt that political correctness has been a key enabling factor; Casey made the case strongly, and it was reinforced by an excoriating Times Editorial.

      We know that there is a linkage, blind eye to grooming and “vast vote reservoirs”, as MacShane helpfully pointed out. But all senior apparatchiks and politicos are not just cynical opportunists and chancers. There has to be something switching off the eye to enable the sociopathic groupthink that has allowed this horror to continue for so many years. We are not necessarily talking about bad people here, it must be a case this wasn’t happening because it couldn’t happen in their moral universe; it was simply outwith their terms of reference

      Abducted by aliens is a fair metaphor, but it not simply a matter of doltishness many highly intelligent people have been infected. Surely this is a matter of indoctrination.

      Take this piece below by Vivienne Cree – Prof of Social Work Studies at Edinburgh, clearly a highly influential woman.

      Rotherham, she muses, is a moral panic; Asian men are being turned into folk devils

      “Firstly, I am concerned about the methodology the inquiry used and the lack of attention to this. The report accessed 66 cases (22 current and 44 historic). The 1400 figure emerges from ‘lists’ compiled by agencies, and these included ‘summary descriptions’ of children and young people supported by Risky Business, in individual and group sessions. It seems at least reasonable to ask – what ‘double counting’ may have taken place? And what about young people who were supported by the agency – known to be at risk, but not actually abused? The report also states that it took a ‘randomised sample’ of 19 current and 19 historic cases – how was this done? Without this information, it is difficult to judge the findings independently. Finally, it is stated that a ‘small number of young people’ were interviewed, but we don’t know – how many? Were these current or historic cases? Again, without this information, it is difficult to make an independent assessment of the findings in relation to the cases.

      Secondly, I am concerned about the negative implications for men in general and Asian men in particular that arise from this report, as well as the repeated suggestions in the report that officials were afraid to act because of fears of being accused as ‘racist’. This report comes at a time of considerable sensitivities regarding ‘race’ and ethnicity and increasing anti-Moslem sentiment in the UK. There is, moreover, no evidence that ethnicity is actually a feature in child sexual abuse figures at a national level, as demonstrated in recent research by Bebbington et al. (2011). This would suggest that greater care should have been taken not to stigmatise and blame in the report.”

      This is a bizarre piece of denial – she references a work from the early seventies – “Folk Devils and Moral Panics”, she references nothing of the critically important work done by Andrew Norfolk. Her sources are apparently largely irrelevant to the matter at hand. “Recent research” published in 2011 is unlikely to shed much like on the “Rotherham” model. It would seem probable that her world view was moulded by the left/far left at university in the seventies/eighties, strongly harking back to the thirties of course; Battle of Cable Street et al; and that she finds it difficult if not impossible to modify to take account of reality. “Asian” men are the oppressed and downtrodden, they cannot be the oppressors. That simply does not compute. The notion that ethnic minorities cannot be racist on the racism = power + prejudice basis is not infrequently encountered

      Thanks to assiduous propagandising these pernicious views are fairly commonplace. Thus “No Bigatry, Justice for the Victims”; those wielding these placards just could not see that it was politically correct indoctrination which was largely instrumental in causing there to be so many victims in the first place.


      • Multiculturalism and its enforcing instruments, political correctness and the Race Relations Act, as well as compliance clauses in public service employment contracts are the cause of the problem.
        These were present before Common Purpose was factored into the equation..Common Purpose is a red herring and although it may be a factor it is not the primary initiator – that is the political left.
        The problem is marxism and the doctrine of cultural relativism. that has been promted , together with the inability of our political system to promote those with sufficient moral conviction to fight it, but instead take the laissez-faire approach producing apathy.
        There are no such people in politics who wield sufficient influence or power to take the measures necessary to remove the cancer growing within our national body. The battle was largely lost when Enoch Powell was forced into the political wilderness as an example to those who might have spoke up against multiculturalism and immigration. And it has now extended out of the political arena into every aspect of our lives.
        The followers of anti-democratic socio-political Islam know how to play this game, and we need more people in place like Jay and Casey who can cut through the crap.

        The way to eradicate these morons from our public services is to use the law to put them in prison as an example to others, Common Purpose or not.
        I don’t really think that our brown friends from Mirapuri and Kashmir and Sylhet in Rotherham, Bradford, Tower Hamlets are part of some Common Purpose conspiracy. They are part of a conspiracy in my opinion, but it’s nothing to do with marxism.

        As for academics – I don’t pay any attention to them because most of them don’t live in the real world.


  2. I think the best way I’ve heard someone describe Common Purpose is as the left’s version of the old boy network to ensure, if it weren’t already obvious, that senior managers in the professions and the establishment are fully aware of the career benefits of belonging to the leftist club.
    They are, I am told to ‘lead beyond their authority’ which is perfectly clear in the case of the attitude to the law in the case of the ‘grooming’ scandal


  3. Melanie Philips, Times

    “Council staff and members had looked the other way for fear of being seen as racist or “upsetting community cohesion”. Yet Casey found they were even now in “overwhelming denial” of what had happened on their watch.
    How to explain such persistent, almost pathological denial? The answer surely lies in a wider culture gripped by a terrifying group-think. With the duty to protect children abandoned, blanket protection has been given instead to ethnic, religious or sexual minorities that have been placed beyond criticism.
    There are nevertheless hierarchies of protection here, driven almost entirely by terror of the perceived power of the minority in question. Indeed, both the Casey and Jay reports themselves bow to political correctness by failing to acknowledge that the cultural factor behind the Rotherham grooming gangs is not that they are Pakistani but Muslim.”

    Above quote seems entirely reasonable, last sentence highly debatable though


  4. Let’s cut all this bunkum and tell as it is. it’s was Racism pure and simple. Pakistani (Muslim) men raped little white girls because they view them as trash and so did the Council, Soical Services, SYP and other agencies who were there to protect them. And whether your on the right or left of politics, the age of consent is still 16, therefore it is a crime to have sex with a minor, as 97% of Rotherham population understands it.


    • Quite. Most of the individuals invoved in this can’t go three sentences without saying “white this” or “white that”. Blatant racism is a huge part of it but the media are lying about it as always.


  5. “There is, moreover, no evidence that ethnicity is actually a feature in child sexual abuse figures at a national level”.

    Maybe not in the outdated research V Cree espouses but the picture at a national level is fast changing. If the research is repeated in say 2 years time (after inclusion of all the recent CSE incidents involving Asian grooming gangs), I would hazard a guess that ethnicity WILL be a feature in future abuse figures at a national level.

    Just looks like another apologist for the racist abusers and a graduate of the left wing school of denial.

    The B.


    • Remember that absurd creature Sue Berelowitz , Deputy Children Commissioner, constantly refusing to realise the link between this form of abuse and race. Now she done a miracle conversion, having being force to accept the overwhelming facts. this V Cree, like Berelowitz is no longer listen to or respected in their fields of work anymore.


      • It’s a pdf R.Wilde. The new (2014) stats are out in March and will be posted under the child “maltreatment” tab. If you can’t find previous years stats on the WHO website they can be found on both the Unicef and save the children (sweden) sites. There are also some links to peer reviewed papers on the subject written by Pakistani academics and also a paper commissioned by the PPP (Pakistan People’s Party). Failing that, the WHO stats are shown on the channel 4 documentary “Pakistans hidden shame” if you can watch via catch up.


  6. I think the root of this is goes back to the takeover of the Labour party by PC clones back in the 1980s. The unsuccessful Militant takeover masked the separate successful takeover that happened at the same time. The PC clones drove out most of the normal people and turned Labour into the PC cult it is today.

    No one joining Labour today could get anywhere without being 100% signed up to the cult and the thing about the PC cult is their religion says racism, bigotry, ethnic violence etc is a 100% white thing and they completely blank out and cover up any evidence that contradicts that.


  7. There’s also a paper in the lancet which I believe has been featured in this week’s New York Times/ Tribune which you should be able to read online.


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