Time for more!

The activity on the resignation front appears to be this:

Roger Stone stood down from Leadership of the Council, as soon as the Alexis Jay report was published. Labour Party membership suspended.

Shaukat Ali suspended by the Labour Party after the Jay Report.

Ann Russell suspended by the Labour Party after the Jay Report.

Jahangir Akhtar suspended by the Labour Party after the Jay Report. Had already been removed from the Council by the voters in May 2014.

Mahroof Hussain resigned from the Cabinet, his Borough Council seat and his membership of the Labour Party in the wake of the publication of the Casey Report.

Paul Lakin resigned as Leader and from the Council as far as his continued membership of the Labour Party, the details are as yet unclear.

John Doyle resigned from the Cabinet. John Doyle, it should not be forgotten, was first hand picked by Garvin Reed in 1998, then passed on to Roger Stone and finally became a Jahangir Akhtar loyalist! He has been there in positions where he should have known, but despite being on the Council from start to finish, knew nothing! Quite a career of service, not to the Party, but to himself and those whose pocket he was in? If Labour should be thinking of running him as a candidate in May, we will know they are still ‘not fit for purpose’ and that Labour have left us to our fate?

Those above should all resign from Labour, they have no future in the party nor with the voters of Rotherham for that matter, I didn’t expect to applaud Mahroof Hussain for his prompt resignation but I do, there are many others who should be considering their positions before resigning, both their Council seats and their Party memberships in the morning. Political accountability requires nothing less!

Others who should be seriously considering their positions include Jane Havenhand and Judy Dalton, prime examples both!

23 thoughts on “Time for more!

  1. Mahroof Hussain didn’t resign promptly because of that report, he has resigned because of the material that will may be slowly but will come out as a result of that report. Lets not forget also that he has invested family interests both within politics and business in this town, maybe the police?


    • His brother Froggy all ready works for South Yorkshire Police.
      His family runs two of the biggest taxi firms in Rotherham.
      Fastfood takeaway, relative works in council,
      Mahroof has got Rotherham LOCK DOWN.
      If you break wind Mahroof finds out.


  2. Mahroof Hussains relative Sajid Bostan the one who threatened and abused the Labour Party meeting for Bostan castle,
    Why haven’t the Labour Party suspended his membership?
    Not long ago when Sajid Bostan said we have fixed the licensing, police, radio Sheffield and advertiser.
    What he really ment was covering up for CSE, he was in prison not long ago?
    His still driving around as a taxi driver.
    When will he be brought to justice.


  3. Can’t help feeling that it needs a spreadsheet/tabular layout to capture all of this complexity!
    … and what about ex-mayor Dodson?
    I agree that Mahroof Hussain has behaved with some honour given the circumstances.

    But I am not sure that I feel the same way about his nephew Mubeen.


  4. Here we have all the ingredients for how children were abused in Rotherham.

    Fast food shops, taxi firms, RMBC Taxi licensing panel, the Rotherham division of SYP and the Labour party.

    Add to the mix certain influential Labour politicians, two aggressive on-line scab blogs and their contributors who tried to intimate Rothpol and you have the environment to allow children to the abused.

    Times are a changin,


  5. I hazard a guess that Mr Hussein’s nephew and the Muslim Youth will be out in force. Oh sorry HE is the Muslim Youth hence the singular form Youth rather than Youths. Where is Mubheen? He has been extra quiet. Why no TV interviews? He normally has so much to say!


    • Mubheen has been very active of late condemning the Casey report etc. Take a look at Muslim youth Facebook page, some very interesting comments from Asbo too……..


  6. It sounds to me as tho the Hussain and Akhtar families have become the Rotherham Mafia they seem to have a finger in every pie controlling the council and SYP i begin to wonder just how high the cover ups will actually go or even if we ever will really find out talk about a rotten borough


  7. For sheer brass neck it will be Dalton door knocking in South Anston yesteday with Sir Nutkin.
    Her record will not stand close scrutiny; former chair of the Taxi Licensing Committee and running a business she has not declared to the (former) Monitoring Officer. Even more worrying is the fact she is a Governor of Greenlands school. Eek! Plus of course her famous ‘I will not attend APC meetings, Oh, I’ve changed my mind. I will attend when there are no questions on the agenda about me’.
    Time for more? You bet and she is a prime candidate who should disappear from the political scene.


    • After Jay Report, Cassey report, NCA Report soon to be released.
      What we need next is someone to investigate Jahngir Akhtar, Mahroof Hussain, Lard Nazir Ahmed, Shaukat Ali, Shabana Ahmed, Azizaam Akhtar, Tiaba Yaseen, Sagir Alam, Parveen Querishi, Mr Abasi and the community groups which are run by these individuals.


  8. Let’s not forget how loyal Cray was to Akhtars, describing him as “the next Leader”. Mind you he also said that about Sue Ellis, whose daughter used to babysit for the Crays ……….


  9. Why should ALL the Cllrs go ?. All those who were elected last year had nothing to do with CSE, The Independent Cllr Jepson is completely clean, and has also nothing to do with CSE. Lets not forget it was the Labour Cllrs who were on the Committees at the time of the abuse, and the Labour Cabinet was in charge throughout.
    Why cannot Labour supporters lift their heads out of the sand and actually recognise who was responsible.


  10. Because they obviously see it as a perfect excuse to get rid of the opposition … the opposition that had no control over the council whatsoever…… infact SKT marlene guest was classed as the opposition at one time and was shouting about cse from the rooftops …. but got threatened and told to shut up and that she was racist and wrong, and like I said in a previous post she was right all along.


  11. Some councillors who were elected last year were re-elected knew something about CSE. Only completely new councilllors of any political persuasion knew nothing. They were very few.


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