Exposed as totally incompetent – those left have no shame

The ever diminishing Labour Group.

Guilty of incompetence and much worse besides, this miserable excuse for a Labour Group, should all go! Every one of them should go without further delay and prevarication, that’s what is meant by political accountability!

Didn’t take them long to remove Hussain and Lakin?

The diminishing Labour Group on RMBC website:

For a reminder of a few of them who should have gone already, this link should be viewed:

Readers who may have insights about any of these remaining Councillors, be glad to take them in the comments.

8 thoughts on “Exposed as totally incompetent – those left have no shame

  1. Do we now understand why Thirlwall was so defensive of his own and Sue Eilis’s reputations?
    Labour are really taking the mick, still listing Shaukat Ali and Ann Russell as Labour Members, time for them to accept the truth? The Labour Party Nationally announced their Party suspensions, months ago! Have those officers still not realised either the enormity of last weeks further exposures and what they mean for themselves and all of the current councillors with red rosettes? Definitely time for some impartiality as far as the RMBC website is concerned?


  2. How can any of them remain as councillors, they let the council descend into the cesspit Rotherham has become? Brass neck, greed, sleaze and corruption might be the answer, unless they show us different?


    • Until they are kicked out of all forms of power, these people will continue to believe they have done no wrong. They will convince themselves that this was an unfortunate set of circumstances that brought Rotherham to national shame and none of their making. Excuses are easy to make, acceptance of a cockup is too much for their ego’s.


  3. Does any one know why councillor Read has removed his job details from the web site ? He is I believe employed by the Yorkshire Labour Party


  4. A circular firing squad in Swinton?
    First Doyle shafts Neil License on Akhtars orders, then he shafts Ken Wyatt. Now when he looks round, his own support has disappeared, Akhtar gone! Poetic justice it would seem?
    Doyle has had a ringside seat in RMBC for a very long time, the ‘Manuel’ defence, just doesn’t cut it anymore, time to go then?


    • Doyle is an oaf, does he not think treachery, such as his, will go unpunished? No one here in Swinton will support him, or work for him!


  5. Important point as people with no sense of shame tend to be a specific type of person and that type you don’t want in charge of anything.


  6. Do we need councillors ? Can we do with out what we have seen of late? As the way I feel from what I’ve read since joining Rothpol , and seen in the Media a very depressing picture .


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