The case of the bamboozled councillors

Well the bland comedy club of Dinnington excelled its’ self last night, it was one of the best nights of the season so far. Having recently become a member of the cast I view it from a different angle now.

We begin as usual with the part of the show known as audience participation; this is where a member of the audience asks a question and the comedians have to find as many ways as they can to not answer it. The one that was asked caused some confusion because there was no way to dodge answering it. It referred to the Casey report, “because of the Casey report shouldn’t all the Town Hall comedy club resign and leave all public life? I immediately concurred, which I forgot is a no no in the comedy club; McIver the engine, who chairs the comedy club and is always good for an understatement, said the report seemed pretty damning. This was after he had said he had only read a bit of it. Simple Simon Tweed, the only Town Hall comedian there, made a wonderful passionate speech, ” We should all work together”. Whilst he was speaking there was a strange celestial sound, I realised straight away that it was Paul McCartney’s Frog Chorus. Here endeth the public session.

We then came to the roll call of all the comedians who can’t be bothered to turn up. There was no surprise when it was announced that the sister act of Havenhand and Falvey would not be appearing. It would seem Havenhand is suffering from a serious bout of amnesia, which was first brought on by the Jay report and it seems has been exacerbated by that nasty Casey. Although she was senior adviser to those two long standing Rotherham Town Hall comedians, Shaun the sheep Wright and Paul Larkin about; she can not, although she has searched her conscience, remember anything about Child Sexual Exploitation in Rotherham. It was then announced with great pomp and ceremony that that wonderful old comedian, who also used to appear at the Town Hall comedy club, Philip the warbler Wardle; he of the computer porn act, had resigned. He has not appeared for six months claiming that the film crew would not get his best side so he would not attend.
Can we be serious now please; the Editor.

At the part of the agenda where the chairman can add anything he deems urgent I asked for an emergency motion to be added. It read as follows, “In light of the Louise Casey report in which Rotherham Borough Council were found to be “not fit for purpose. This council calls on all Borough councillors to do the decent thing and resign with immediate effect.” Needless to say it was not allowed to be put on the agenda. Just one more sign of the cowardice of the Labour party.

All I will say now is when the film comes out do watch it, especially the last 30 minutes or so; because it shows how two people who believe passionately in fighting for their community can, with a bit of slight of hand, can outwit the majority. Then I am accused of bamboozling the council; this by some one who has been Chair and vice chair of the council.

Dave Smith

14 thoughts on “The case of the bamboozled councillors

  1. Great report Dave. Brings back memories of the days when I faithfully attended Maltby Town Council meetings. Just appalling that your report is perfectly true yet the players don’t even realise how ridiculous they appear.
    As a bored and disgruntled tourist said to his equally bored and disgruntled family… Same shxt, different location.


  2. Thanks Dave – We need a bit of light relief – shame it’s about such a pathetic response to such a serious issue. When I was younger but just as good looking as I am now, I used to enjoy a good western. You know the ones: where the lone outsider rides into town and the townsfolk plead with him to root out the evil baddies, despite the inept, drunk, corrupted Sheriff doing all he can to thwart him? (High Noon, Pale Rider, that sort of thing). Well, I feel like I need never watch those films again because we are IN ONE!!! For God’s sake, Labour! (or if you don’t believe in god, goodness, morality, integrity, values or anything decent – and, so far, I can’t believe you do), then for the sake of the VICTIMS: please, please, please at least make some attempt, no matter how pathetic, at having some ******* contrition!!!
    And if you don’t know what that word means (yes, I know it has three syllables) ASK!!


  3. If you go to Dinnington Town Council or watch the video you can be forgiven for thinking you have been afflicted with intermittent deafness. Despite repeatedly being asked to speak up they do not. Fair do’s Chairman McIver makes the effort and Dinnington hero Dave Smith IS audible. Pauline Davies attempts to give the impression she is a meek little mouse – not so – pity we couldn’t have her recorded shouting at the end of the meeting. Employ your underworked lungs at the next meeting Pauline, they might enjoy it and so might we.

    What a shame the video ends at the point where Chairman McIver is pushing to give JADE, a private company, £10,000. Despite being pressed he refused to explain his determination. It transpires there is a connection with 2 of his councillors, Jane Havenhand and Jacqui Falvey. It appears these two have close family connections with the private company JADE to which Chairman McIver intended giving £10,000 of parishioners money. Fortunately for Dinnington parishioners the recently elected Independent Dave Smith foiled these attempts. I wonder if Dinnington people know just how lucky they are!


  4. Watch it and it seem a bit more admirable than normal. Abit surprise the questions from the floor was allow at the beginning and not at the end, as usual. See the sisters of deceit were not there, perhaps they were considering their postions in quiet contemplation. How many of them handed in their resignations?


  5. What shocks me most about this video is not the amateurish inept chairman but the fact that no one thought to question the conflict of interest between the two RMBC councillors and their links to the private company/charity accepting £10,000 from a small Town Council. The gentleman in the audience was right to describe it as dodgy! I think D Smith did an excellent job of exposing the amount of money that this organisation has so far gained, nearly £1000,000! Where has it all gone? I felt for the guy who obviously does a great deal of voluntary youth work and gets nothing like that amount of money. Great work D Smith and co. Surely, this has to be investigated by the standards board?


    • Yes I fully agree ,I hope this is flagged up and checked out ,Rothpol can you look into this? To see what as gone on.? I fully agree with the above anonymous. That is a large sum of money and surly must be accounted for.


  6. I was at this meeting and witnessed the said incident of the £10,000 grant to JADE. First off it was questioned by a Member of the public why they were being given such a large amount, when other Youth Groups in Dinnington were not given the same. After this it basically went down hill. A motion was put to refuse the money, it was democratically voted upon, with Cllrs Smith, Scott and the Vice Chair all voting. No one else put up a hand nor voted against, therefore the vote was carried. Low and behold, the Chairman Cllr McIver did not like it and he spent the next 15-20 minutes trying to overturn the decision, because he wanted JADE to come and make a presentation. When the Chairman of a Town Council is trying to overturn a democratic vote, then its time he stood down.


  7. On Councillor Jane Havenhand’s register of interests she puts herself down as Trustee for JADE surely this is a conflict of interests when some of the sitting councillors who are deciding on the request for £10000 are on her facebook page as FRIENDS !!!!


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