Reminder Diary Date: Marxist Discussion Group – 13th Feb 2015

Marxist Discussion Group – Next Meeting Friday 13th February 7pm, Talbot Lane.

The event will be a joint meeting sponsored by Rotherham Unite Union Branch.

The guest speaker will be from the Pakistani Trade Union Defence Campaign (PTUDC)

Faced with overwhelming odds, the PTUDC are building a Trade Union Movement in what probably is one of the most reactionary countries in the world. Corruption, religious fundamentalism, war lords and Mafia type gangsters, is an every-day problem facing our brothers and sisters over there.

One of its leading members has recently been shot –for the second time – and another has had a grenade thrown through his window; but still their tenacity drives them on to build a movement capable of ending exploitation, oppression and the misery that these horrors foist on ordinary working people of Pakistan and countries like it.

We can only wonder at the courage these men and women must have to work in the ever present dangers inherent in Pakistani society. And we think things are difficult?

All trade unionists and activists alike are welcome to this special event.

Dave Platts

8 thoughts on “Reminder Diary Date: Marxist Discussion Group – 13th Feb 2015

  1. ” Corruption, religious fundamentalism, war lords and Mafia type gangsters, is an every-day problem facing our brothers and sisters over there. ”

    My God, how awful. Thank goodness we don’t have such problems in the Pakistani communities here in Britain., otherwise we’d be having voting fraud, drug dealing, money laundering, pimping of children and rioting here too.


    • I know you were talking tongue in cheek Roger and of course what you say is true. Its very worrying and if anything it is this type of event that will give fuel to the right wing nut cases.

      We’ve got enough problems of our own in this country and until we get our own situation put right, I don’t think we should be trying to tell others how to go about their business.


  2. Will the Marxist group ever be discussing CSE in Rotherham and its affect on the working classes.
    Item 2 on the agenda could be, To discuss the silence of the unions in the matter of CSE in Rotherham.


  3. It’s about time time the trade unions help sort out the problems in Rotherham instead of shipping in would be protesters to demonstrate outside the UKIP campaign office on Wellgate get your priorities right and leave the Pakistani workers in Pakistan to sort their own problems out we have enough of our own here thankyou


  4. The working class struggle is wordlwide. By showing solidarity with the working class everywhere, and understanding the struggles we all suffer due to capitalist exploitation and crisis, we can better prepare ourselves to tackle the problem at home and abroad.

    The problems in Rotherham are complex, but the poor management (and fundng) of public services, the lack of accountability and audting, and the deficiencies in the democratic system, are definitely factors that are influenced by the system we live. The background of the criminals and the victims are also contributing factors, which have roots in societal problems that are exacerbated by capitalism. Divisions, conflict and deprivation within communities, which encourage crime, are not only unintentional consequences of capitalism, but are part of the tactics of the ruling capitalist class to divide and suppress the working class, and thus to prevent mass coordinated action by the working class.

    Solidarity with the PTUDC and workers everywhere; join forces and strengthen the struggle against capitalism.


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