News Thursday 12 Feb 2015

From the Star:

Call for more urgency over child sex abuse prosecutions in Rotherham

Perpetrators of child sexual exploitation must be brought to justice with more urgency, UKIP’s prospective parliamentary candidates for Rotherham say.

The call followed the prosecution of Iranian Asylum Seeker Vejahuin Ghorbani, aged 37, who was jailed for three years for abducting and trafficking three young girls in Rotherham last September.

Police working on 171 possible child abuse cases in South Yorkshire

Detectives are looking into 171 possible cases of child sexual exploitation in South Yorkshire, new figures reveal.

Of the 171 ‘active’ cases, 44 centre around Rotherham, where an independent report found 1,400 children had been abused by largely Pakistani men over 16 years while those in authority turned a blind eye.

From the Advertiser:

UPDATE: Taxi driver arrested for alleged sex attack on teenage passenger

POLICE have yet to charge a taxi driver arrested in connection with the alleged sexual assault of a 17-year-old female passenger.

South Yorkshire Police confirmed this morning (12) that the 21-year-old remained on bail following the alleged incident on February 1.

The alleged offence happened in a taxi being operated by Venture Taxis, of Wath

Politicians’ call for more child grooming prosecutions

LABOUR and UKIP politicians have welcomed the jailing of a child abductor – but called for more prosecutions.

They were speaking after child abductor Vejuhadin Ghorbani was jailed for three years after luring three girls aged 11 and 13 to his home.

Rotherham MP Sarah Champion said: “I am pleased that we are finally seeing an offender being brought to justice for his crimes, however we need to see more of this

Mayor’s Dinner cancelled after child grooming scandal

ROTHERHAM’S annual Civic Dinner had been scrapped in the wake of successive reports damning Rotherham Borough Council.

43 thoughts on “News Thursday 12 Feb 2015

    • Everybody knows that these Taxi’s are dangerous, how stupid can these girls really be. Once again Rotherham licensing department has fail to do it’s job properly. Perhaps these girls should take out a civil case againist the Council for allowing unlicensed firm to operator?


      • Maligning an entire profession for the crimes of a few, is bigotry.A few Doctors recently have been convicted of terrible crimes, but we don’t malign all medics.


      • John talks of bigotry below, though perhaps that should be “bigatry” judging by those placards

        The reality is that the girls had a very well founded fear of taxi drivers

        ” 8.25 In a number of different meetings, the Inquiry talked to 24 young people, aged 14-25, who lived in the Council area. One of the main items for discussion with them was safe transport. When asked about taxis, there was an immediate and consistent response from the young women and men on every occasion. All avoided the use of taxis if at all possible. Their parents and partners strongly discouraged, even forbade, them from being on their own at night in a taxi, unless it was a company they personally knew. The girls described how on occasions they would be taken on the longest, darkest route home. One said the driver’s first question would be ‘How old are you, love?’. All talked about the content of their conversation quickly turning flirtatious or suggestive, including references to sex.
        8.26 All the young people we met preferred to use the bus, despite their nervousness and dislike of the Rotherham Interchange, which they described as attracting drug dealers, addicts and people involved in a range of criminal activity. Many of these people congregated outside the Bus Station. The young people described their sense of intimidation and ‘running the gauntlet’ to get to their buses”


        Jay previously noted that

        “One of the common threads running through child sexual exploitation across England has been the prominent role of taxi drivers in being directly linked to children who were abused.”

        Taxis along with takeaways, restaurants are a key factor in the grooming gang/group epidemic

        First trial identified by Andrew Norfolk involved taxi drivers in Leeds

        “November 1997: Leeds
        Mohammed Naim Rashid, 21: kidnap, rape, indecent assault, actual bodily harm. Seven years. Abid Hussain Sadique, 21: kidnap, rape. Four years. Leeds Crown Court.
        Police uncover ring of private-hire drivers grooming girls as young as 12, using them for sex in room above taxi office and taking them to other towns. 23 arrests, 20 victims. Five charged. Delwar Hussain, 24: two counts of indecent assault. 15 months.”

        What is striking here, as in other cases listed by Norfolk, is the paucity of actual convictions and the pathetic sentences handed down

        7 and 4 years for kidnap and rape for god’s sake! And they would only have served half the time. Grotesquely inadequate, and frankly insulting


    • Prosections are taking place all the time. I’m worried about the leniency of the sentences when convictions occur. All taxi should have compulsory cameras for saftey of everyone. It should also be on record the appaling violence passengers have committed against taxi drivers. Being drunk is never a justification for violence.


      • The whole licencing board needs to be refreshed with all drivers re-applying for licence’s and confirming they are suitably qualified (and vetted) and their car is fit for purpose. Only this way will the public regain confidence in them. The alternative is less people use the taxis and some will go out of business.


      • Finally were agreeing on something, they should all be made to have webcams which be protection for customer and drivers. This should happen immediately, once all taxi drivers have pass all checks about their suitability. This would include any intelligence, previous acquired by the authorities.


  1. “Maligning an entire profession for the crimes of a few is Bigotry”. Then John, you must be a Bigot!

    Let remind you of what you recently posted on another thread here.

    “All managers in the council in every department need to go. All front line staff in children welfare need to go”.

    So you would advocate that all managers and all front line staff in child welfare need to resign/be sacked or forced to leave because a minority of their colleagues have ‘committed crimes’?

    Not only are you a Bigot but a person with double standards too.

    The B.


    • Apples and oranges. People need confidence in organisations that have oversight responsibility. These have failed and need to be rebuilt. Moreover, I accept that most of the people in these organisation are entirely innocent. But difficult choices have to be made. Some of those maligning the taxi trade are doing so I suspect because of the racial profile of this trade. I accept that the oversight bodies dealing with this trade need also to be rebuilt. I also see nothing wrong with reevaluating all drivers due to the oversight concerns.


      • This is getting embarrassing , am agreeing with you again about people having confidence in the oversight Authorities. The problem was as Casey found, the licensing dept, never considered CSE as a problem in this trade , when it was already know to be. As for the racial profiling of this trade, well John a fact is most of the drivers in Rotherham are from the major culprits of this abuse, Pakistani heritage. Therefore they have themselves to blame for the negativity, people have towards them.


      • I don’t believe there is any connection between race/ heritage and crime. I’m Intrested in strengthening institutions to bring the guilty to justice, on a individual by individual basis.


  2. “I don’t believe there is any connection between race/ heritage and crime”. Please tell me you are joking.

    Again John you raise the issue of race and try to brush it off as though its not important. It seems to me that not only are you conveniently trying to deny this aspect of the CSE scandal but you are now accusing people of maligning the taxi trade because of their racial profile.

    I’ve said it before to you but I doubt if you have even bothered, READ THE JAY AND CASEY REPORTS, they clearly state a connection between the offenders and their Pakistani heritage as well as the link to the taxi trade in Rotherham.

    I’m glad you accept that most people in the organisation (RMBC) are innocent. In suggesting that difficult decisions I have to presume you mean a decision to get rid of them all? This raises a couple of issues. Firstly, that as someone elsewhere has already pointed out, it is difficult to recruit child protection workers (there’s a national shortage) and if you got rid of even one, who would want to come to a vacant position in Rotherham now it is tainted?

    Secondly, if you are so supportive of difficult decisions in the Council, why do you suggest that the same difficult decision cannot be made with taxi drivers? Why not get rid of all of them and start again? No, can’t do that because in your eyes it would be racist. More double standards.

    To excuse your double standards away by saying ‘apples and oranges’ isn’t really an answer to the fact that you are maligning good people doing a difficult job but yet refuse to malign a group of people, some of who undoubtedly are/have been involved in CSE.

    But if you like, you can carry on with the same attitude that RMBC and its Councillors had and stick your head in the sand and continue to be an apologist for the abusers and rapists.


  3. @John

    “I don’t believe there is any connection between race/ heritage and crime.”

    The PC cult create the connection with race because they turn a blind eye to crimes when the race of the perpetrators contradicts the PC cult’s ideology.

    If the police ignored all groups of sexual predators hanging around school gates regardless of their race then there would probably be men of all races doing it but if they only ignore sexual predators from one particular group hanging round school gates then it is not surprising if they are the only group doing it.

    And why did the police come to ignore sexual predators from a specific group? Thirty years of pressure from the **** of the PC cult who would rather cover up thousands of gang-raped children than admit their cult ideology is wrong.

    The PC cult are all accessories.


      • You said

        “I don’t believe there is any connection between race/ heritage and crime.”

        Holding a belief as an article of faith does not make it true

        How would you explain the following then?

        “white bitch”

        “November 2010: Rotherham
        Razwan Razaq, 30: two counts of sexual activity with a child. 11 years. Umar Razaq, 24: sexual activity with a child. Four and a half years. Zafran Ramzan, 21: rape, two counts of sexual activity with a child. Nine years. Mohsin Khan, 21: sexual activity with a child. Four years. Adil Hussain, 20: sexual activity with a child. Four years. Sheffield Crown Court.
        Five “sexual predators” convicted of grooming three girls, two aged 13 and one 15, all under social services supervision, before using them for sex. Victims offered gifts, car rides, cigarettes, alcohol and cannabis. Sex took place in cars, bushes and play area of park. Khan, a mortgage adviser who drove a BMW and owned several properties, promised to treat a 13-year-old “like a princess”. Umar Razaq pulled the hair of 13-year-old and called her a “white bitch” when she tried to reject his attempt to strip her. Eight men charged, three cleared of all charges. Victim, 13, said: “They used to tell me they loved me and at the time I believed them. I was a little girl.”


        “The Guardian has been told by one victim, known as Girl C, in an interview after she gave her evidence, that the men exclusively wanted white girls to abuse”


        “Asghar allegedly sent a text message to Hussain which said: ‘I’m gonna send that kaffir bitch straight to hell.’

        Read more:—straight-hell-White-teen-baby-married-Muslim-murdered-chilling-text.html#ixzz3RbhaPvCZ
        Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

        Older girl converted to Islam in order to be seen as pure

        “September 2010: Preston
        Mohammed Moosa, 24: abduction, sexual activity with a child. Three years. Faisal Ghani, 25: abduction. 30-week suspended sentence. Preston Crown Court.
        Operation Deter, investigating child sexual exploitation involving girls and older men in Preston, handled 79 suspected cases between April and June last year. Moosa and Ghani groomed two girls aged 13 and 15 for several months after initially pulling up in car and befriending them. Took them for car rides and to rented flat used by different men with girls. One morning both girls collected and driven around Preston, then to Blackpool Travelodge. The 13-year-old was barefoot and in pyjamas. Group drank wine, vodka, whisky and smoked cannabis before Moosa had sex with younger girl, later found partially clothed, wrapped in duvet, when police raided hotel after tracing text message. Older girl later converted to Islam in order to be “seen as pure”.”


        “Mr Knox said that since coming forward, the victims had been subjected to “horrifying” abuse by friends and family of the defendants.

        He added: “They have been subjected to name calling; suggestions such as ‘white trash’.”

        “Now 15, she has been forced to move schools three times due to the torrent of vile abuse she has endured and has not been in full-time education for a year since being called “white trash” and “slut” by classmates.”

        Judge in the 3rd Rochdale trial said

        “In some cases those girls were raped, callously, viciously and violently.

        “Some of you acted as you did to satiate your lust, some of you to make money, all of you treated them as though they were worthless and beyond respect.

        “I believe that one of the factors that led to that was that they were not of your community or religion.”

        The court heard most of the men are from Rochdale’s Pakistani community and were married with children.

        They worked as taxi drivers or in the Tasty Bites and Balti House in Heywood where some of the victims were given free kebabs and vodka as they were groomed for sex.

        The trial heard how the men abused a string of white girls.

        Trevor Phillips has said that your view is “fatuous” John. Taj Hargey said that ‘Imams promote grooming rings’, Andrew Norfolk who has won prizes for investigative journalism and received the tanks of the HOC Select Committee explained the role Kashmiri culture plays

        “If you come from a rural Myapuri, Kashmiri community, where, whatever state law says, village tradition and sharia says that puberty is the green light for marriage-as it does-and if you recognise that most girls in this country are hitting puberty at 11 or 12, perhaps one begins to understand why it is not just lone offenders. There has to be something, given that so often this is a normalised group activity-not among a major criminal gang, but among friends, work colleagues and relatives-that does not have the same sense of shame attached to it as would be the case for your typical white offender, who works alone because if he told too many people, somebody would report him.”

        You haven’t got a leg to stand on John


  4. I will never get a taxi in rotherham again and am lucky enough to not need one these days but I will say this ,if you want to find the people that have committed these crimes stop getting taxis and they will soon name the driver’s that did it when it hurts their pockets,it has been well known for years the taxi drivers have been involved in all sorts of crime not just cse


  5. I can’t help but think that this whole CSE saga is bigger than anyone or any group can fix….In my view (and only time will tell) this problem of abuse of children and vulnerable people will continue ad infinitum because we have become a double minded , two faced , hypocritic society. Political zealots chucking bricks at each other have no power to fix it whatsoever. Rotherham is proof of it.

    Why do I say this? Because we are so double minded as a nation. We criticize the very things in society that we love to entertain ourselves with. Even those who see the correlation between entertainment changing the view of decency, and protecting the vulnerable people in society from fantasy and reality are afraid of the sneers and ridicule of the unthinking masses if they protest..
    Entertainment is the new standard setter for our children.. It’s the new norm. It’s the source of confusion to the young mind.
    I am angry and tired of reading in the media ( can’t get away from it) The ‘World wide phenomena’ of that diabolical Fifty Shades of Grey movie. Don’t need to see the movie to get the gist of the story. Bondage and sadomasochism the theme and the receiver of this perverse domination is a young virgin… It’s a box office success making millions for the perverts .
    The reality is this; if I told my children or grandchildren that grooming someone with the intent of seduction is perverse and dangerous to their wellbeing, but went to see the movie and eventually bought the dvd to have in my possession my family would tell me to “go to hell” if I tried moralize to them. And rightly so.
    Unless as a nation we see the correlation and the confusion that sexualizing of our children by media has set a foundation for what is happening in Rotherham and the western world there is NO solution to the CSE, and it will continue and grow until we all put our hands up and say GUILTY for allowing it.
    My humble advice is the next time you see a lone person on the street with a placard calling us back to decency; instead of sneering and vilifying them offer encouragement and support.
    They are not doing it for themselves but for our children…..

    In some perhaps small way, we bare a national guilt to abused children by our silence and cowardice.


      • That’s pretty much the view that “some Islamic preachers” take as well apparently

        “The view of some Islamic preachers towards white women can be appalling. They encourage their followers to believe that these women are habitually promiscuous, decadent, and sleazy — sins which are made all the worse by the fact that they are kaffurs or non-believers.

        “Their dress code, from miniskirts to sleeveless tops, is deemed to reflect their impure and immoral outlook. According to this mentality, these white women deserve to be punished for their behaviour by being exploited and degraded.”


    • “Unless as a nation we see the correlation and the confusion that sexualizing of our children by media has set a foundation for what is happening in Rotherham and the western world there is NO solution to the CSE, and it will continue and grow until we all put our hands up and say GUILTY for allowing it.”

      Sure a lot of what we see courtesy of the media is distasteful, but is it really the case that Rotherham et al is a product of our moral decline in terms of sexuality Linda? I think you are beating yourself, and the rest of us, up too much here,

      The girls are not exactly throwing themselves into the arms of the abusers from the get go. There is an extremely cunning and evil modus operandi here, the victims are hauled in bit by bit

      “Vicious pattern
      On-street grooming follows a pattern. Girls aged between 11 and 14 are most vulnerable and are often targeted by someone close to their own age, sometimes a younger brother or friend of the older men.

      The location is usually innocuous – school gates, shopping centers, arcades. It can start with a car pulling up, young guys with charm and good looks engaging a girl in banter. Then cell phone numbers are exchanged and a friendship begins.

      The men then work for several months to make the girls believe the friendship is genuine, the relationship meaningful.

      “They are investing time and money in girls they target,” said Cat Tatman from Crop, a charity that supports the parents of sexually exploited children.”

      Families are desperate to save their girls – but what assistance have they often had from the despicable Stasi plod?

      “Like most little girls, Josie lived for horses. She had an exemplary school record with 100 per cent attendance rate.
      But at 13, the teen from Keighley, West Yorkshire, was given a laptop and quickly became addicted to Facebook.
      Her father was then warned his daughter was spending a lot of time with older Asian men.
      One even told the father he would ‘slit his throat’ when he answered the phone to him.
      From there it got worse. Josie started disappearing overnight and began drinking.
      Yet, when her father locked his daughter in her room to protect her, it was he who got into trouble with the police for false imprisonment.
      He told The Times he has since collected every scrap of evidence to prove his daughter is being sexually exploited by gangs.
      ‘The police kept saying that they’re waiting until Josie realises it’s wrong,’ he said.
      ‘Is that really the best they can do?”

      Read more:
      Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

      Desperate efforts to save daughters have been undermined courtesy of anti-racist ideology

      “Another tactic of the pimp is getting the girl to despise and mistrust her own parents in order that he can achieve total control over her. The pimps routinely tell their victims that their parents are racist towards Asian people and that they disapprove of the relationships because the men are of Pakistani Muslim heritage”

      Of one thing we may be sure if it was gangs of Englishmen going round doing this to girls of immigrant heritage the anti-racist left would be going mental, there would be no of this equivocating, weasel spin and denial.

      You may be engaging the wrong target here Linda


      • Hi Parsonage….I do wish people had the bottle enough to publish their names to their convictions. If you really are from a parsonage I would expect you ought not to be ashamed of your identity. If you are not from a parsonage….Well, .a bit of a deception don’t you think… However I am not in disagreement with you at all re the horror of what has been happening to the children of Rotherham … I understand the grooming and by whom and the unspeakable violence and humiliation the children have endured….It will be a miracle if the children are ever able to experience normality again…Therefore I must challenge you when you say “sure what we see courtesy of the media ‘distasteful’ “.is a pitiful and disgraceful, minimizing excuse. Sexualising girls through the media is a slow and sinister form of grooming in itself .
        I don’t beat myself up as you suggest but whatever it takes to make people realize the double standard is ok by me…A few hurt feelings are nothing compared to what the kids have experienced… Don’t you understand that when our children are sexualized by the media then it makes them vulnerable to grooming and sexual abuse because it alters their ability to detect the danger of it when it happens.
        I live at the other side of the world but we get the news that UK schools are to give the message that sex between 13 year olds is normal and healthy… The response here in NZ is ‘what the hell’…
        As for engaging the wrong target Parsonage I can only respond “if the cap fits……..


  6. Yes john they are victims of attack both racial and other but they are also involved in dodgy fuel ,drug dealing,pimping girls,credit card fraud,violence against passenger’s and if you do not believe it check out the family at clifton that have three sons in prison for all of these crimes,also check out the shops selling booze and fags to kids at clifton all of whom are still trading despite being found guilty


  7. Sorry Linda but I am not sure what to make by your comment,it sounds like the old one she was wearing a short skirt and heals so therefore she got what she deserves when raped ,regardless of how people dress or what films or books they buy does not excuse rape,cse or violence . I am sorry to tell you this but this sort of thing went off in the good old days of morality aswell it just wasn’t spoken of ,you only have to look at the catholic church for that


    • Wayne, you miss my point…Please read again carefully…. It’s not about dress code at all… It’s about double standards of adults .
      You don’t need to be sorry to tell me that this sort of thing has always gone on… I have been around for a very long time and very familiar with what went on. I don’t need bringing up to date on that sort of thing. I have not lead a sheltered life…
      MY point is this…. If we as adults try to impose a set of moral rules for our children in safeguarding them from sexual abuse and we choose to view those very things for our entertainment then we need not wonder why our children in their thousands are telling us to ‘go jump’ or worse. Believe it or not Wayne I do live in the real world and I am very familiar with the decline in society.. At this point in time my brain seems to functioning rather well….
      You make the silly , old and worn, unsubstantiated claim that things wasn’t spoken off in the past . We certainly spoke of those things in Tinsley.
      I suspect that I will cop some flack from people who like a bit of kinky entertainment because they can’t face what the younger generation know only too well. It smacks of double standard…


  8. Hi Wayne, Yes we glamourize booze and drug taking and greed in movies too…. My contention is this, if we adults choose to entertain ourselves with murder, vice, sex, drugs, violence and every type of debauchery etc and we try to give our children sound, and workable moral advice they will ( and are in their thousands ) tell us to F… off.
    What I am trying to say is we all play a part in what is happening in Rotherham and throughout the world. We may not engage in the abuse but we are responsible for allowing society to slowly drift into gross state it is in by our silence… The horse has already bolted so to speak…
    Did I not read that some clever nit wit in the government in UK say that consensual sex between 13 year olds is ‘normal’… That’s the wisdom of 21st century politicians for you…….


  9. I do understand what you are saying linda but being moralistic will not stop someone being abused it Also the same sort of stuff people have said about the victims families,blaming them for not looking after their kids even though a lot were from good caring people not broken homes where dad beats mum up after getting drunk or doing drugs


  10. Wayne, Being accused of being moralistic is a buzz word to shut people up but it won’t work with me. The modern use is to describe people who are sexually frustrated and wish to impose that unhappy state on others. I am afraid I don’t fit into that category. Simply trying to get us all to see and ADMIT our part (or if you prefer a less personal word) societies double standard in how this horrible abuse of our children has been able to flourish for so long.
    I have nothing but sadness for the parents of these children who were themselves vilified. I have a fair amount of personal experience on these issues myself.
    Please enter into this argument by substantiating your claims and not using emotive buzz sayings to silence proper dialogue.
    It comes with kind regards Wayne …Don’t want to argue for the sake of it.


  11. PS In the event anyone thinks I am removing accountability from the perpetrators of this horror to children in Rotherham ; if I had my way, life imprisonment wouldn’t be enough.


  12. You are up late Rik…. Of course I am being ironic… I said in previous blog ‘ if I had my way’ which I don’t. Tongue in cheek reply to manc1. Castration not about to be restored either. What I don’t agree with is known perpetrators walking the streets because they can boast without fear of consequence to have fixed the council and the RMBC. Neither do I agree with short sentences for violent crime. But I hope the days still exist where we can freely express a view; otherwise we’re sunk !!!!!


  13. Linda let me know which claims i have made that you wish me to substantiate and i will do my very best,i have lived at clifton most of my life and know the people well.


    • Hi Wayne… Here’s just one…..You say…. That this sort of thing went off in the old days.. people just didn’t talk about it. .No evidence given to support that fact….
      I agree that perverts have always existed…..That’s obvious…Todays media has dressed up perversion to look like ‘normal’ and I sight the box office success of Fifty Shades of Grey to be shown this Valentines day as evidence…. Even mega stores our now stocking up cable ties , duck tape, and rope to cope with the demand from the film …For God’s sake….The movie makers and music videos go about their business unhindered getting more and more graphic and perverse. They have turned our society into a generation of peeping toms who no longer need to peep.
      Whether a bishop , or road sweeper or a man from mars abuses our children the penalty needs to fit crime… Life in prison….at least.
      Please, please lets try to save our children from all forms of sexual abuse both physical and mental.


  14. Then they should be sued big time for false advertising and taking important international news time…..
    I sincerely hope you didn’t think you won an important argument by that one …..Silly man/woman.


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