Postal Voting Problems

Regular Reader adds to the information on Postal Vote fraud:

and – this is long but well worth the read .

It came out ‘cos of this.

This was Mirpuri postal vote irregularities on behalf of the LibDems.
and the pdf also references Slough where the irregularity was on behalf of the Tories.
and the Birmingham case.

3 thoughts on “Postal Voting Problems

  1. Have you noticed most things that come out of Pakistan are corrupt ! But everyone is too terrified to say it. We need the cultural influences of Pakistan like a hole in the head.


  2. Sadly, these days we are expected to accept the cultural differences imported into this country even if it waters down the existing culture we have.

    I have to agree, we are scared of being able to criticise such negative influences.


  3. Raping children with impunity for over a decade while the police, council and the local press looked the other way. Then sticking two fingers up at our system of democratic due process, one comes to the conclusion that our hospitality has been monumentally abused for a very long time. I wonder what the so called ” leaders ” of our country can do about this …..?
    Probably sweet FA! as there’s nothing in it for them. But they will be more than happy to help you shift your money off shore to avoid paying tax, donation to the Tory party sir?……ooh, don’t mind if I do. Suits you sir! Keep that up sir and you’ll end up in the House of Lords ……..would you like me to bend over now sir….Not just yet, after the election!

    Anyone found uncle Leon’s file yet?


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