Shaukat Ali – Spot the difference?

Regular Reader has noticed these interesting alterations in Shaukat Ali’s declaration of interests declaration – Spot the difference?

Original Declaration .pdf

Latest Declaration .pdf

Explanation sought?

Obtained today, thanks to our provider.

Title on 70 Milton Road:


35 thoughts on “Shaukat Ali – Spot the difference?

  1. If the properties have been sold or transferred an updated entry on the Land Registry will show who owns the properties, if sold the price paid and the date it was sold.

    The time the Land Registry is taking to update their site is slow to say the least.

    Do any readers know of any other sources to identify who owns the properties?


      • @Rothpol and RR

        In Rotherham Diversity Forum accounts it states Shaukat Ali was paid after authorisation by the Charity commision, can we check if he declared such payments on the RMBC members interest register?

        Given funding was received from RMBC
        running in £ thousands by Rotherham Diversity forum, was this conflict of interest declared?

        Who in RMBC approved the funding to Rotherham Diversity forum?

        Did Rotherham Diversity Forum ever advertise the paid positions within the organisation to the public to apply for or did those involved in the founding of this charity appoint themselves?


  2. He’s been very instrumental in community cohesion , manger of Rotherham Multi agency approach to racial incidents, nice little earner there, big Lottery grant in 2009′ £340.000, rental income from all his properties, council allowances. He certainly has the knack at making money. Then again he was a Banker.


    • … and a high achiever:
      “Aged 11 when I joined my father in Rotherham, I was only the second Asian at the former Spurley Hey Secondary Modern School but endeared myself to many by becoming a good local league football player and later launching several businesses across the district, including the first curry house in Rotherham,
      I began work in the financial sector at the age of 17 for the United Bank of Pakistan, which saw me working around the country in Sheffield, Manchester, Rochdale and London. During the final 11 years of my 21-year banking career I worked for the investment bank Confederation Life in Europe and the United States.
      During this time I continued my education and gained a diploma in European Studies, an HND in banking and finance and an honours degree in Social and Political Studies.”
      I am a family man and married Maqbool Begum in 1972 and we have three sons. Imran Raza works for Citibank in Barcelona; Kamran Raza is a civil engineer for Shell in Oman and Irfan Raza is in his final year at Leeds University.

      Pretty good for anybody coming from Pakistan to a SecMod in Rotherham. Not a taxi driver in sight.


      • It must’ve a god send for Rotherham, to have such a talented bunch Pakistani Councilliors and community activists, like Ali, Aktar and Hussian. Never have so few done so much for a little town. They ran the town community cohesion policy, got £400.000 grant ,even though their race only represented 3% of the population, couldn’t anyone else had done this job .

        They control the Taxi industry and were able to subvert it rules for a select few.

        How fortunate Rotherham was with the influx of the Roma community, that Ali had all these properties available for rent. What foresight.

        Yet with their tentacles in every facet of public life, not one of them were aware that their own people were raping thousands of little white girls?


    • Recenrly received £500000 grant for helping Roma integrate from the Lottery. It is alleged Shaukat Ali is the project Manager for this noble venture to enhanced community cohesion for which he will be renumerated to the tune of circa £50000.

      Point of interest is Shaukat Ali claiming to work as voluntary capacity on RMBC website which is backed by accounts of Rotherham Diversity Forum charity where permission was being sought by trustees from Charities commision to pay Shaukat Ali for his work.

      Question if you are wirking as a volunteer why do you need to be paid?

      Were the payments to Shaukat Ali declared on RMBC members interest register given some funding was being allegedly provided by RMBC to Rotherham Diversity Forum according to the accounts?

      Note all accounts of past 5 years of Rotherham Diversity Forum can be downloaded from Charities Commision for closer perusal.


      • Which year’s accounts contain the trustees request for “permission […] to pay Shaukat Ali for his work.?
        Similarly what year’s accounts for his remuneration to tune of £50,000. ?
        Or are you refering to the line that says:
        “No employee received emoluments of more than £60,000 in the year.”.?


      • @RR

        The Lottery grant of approximately £500000 awarded last year. Links to this were posted on another post on RothPol. It is open secret in the Asian Community that Shaukat Ali is project managing the project to integrate the Roma community which the Lottery Grant is funding.

        From the Charities commission website:

        Download accounts for year 2010. You will Rotherham Diversity Forum received £41000 from RMBC.

        Note Item 12 in accounts stated the following:

        “12. Charity Commission
        l understand the trustees have written to the Charity Commission requesting
        authorisation to pay Mr Abbasi and Mr S Ali, and have received authorisation.”

        In 2013 accounts it states the following:

        “SHAUKAT 08/03/2013 Magna Conference (Child Exploitation) 09:30 to 15:30
        RMAARI representation, share information with other agencies.”

        Shaukat Ali attended a full day conference on Child Exploitation at Magna.


      • anonymous,
        That’s what I wanted:
        ““12. Charity Commission
        l understand the trustees have written to the Charity Commission requesting
        authorisation to pay Mr Abbasi and Mr S Ali, and have received authorisation.”



  3. Perhaps he is getting money ready to hire a good lawyer or liquidating assets for a long holiday in Pakistan, I am sure he won’t be the only one getting ready to face the music


  4. Well now…
    What you also need to look at is the creation date of the PDFs.
    If you open each of the pdfs in Adobe Acrobat (and probably Adobe reader – but I don’t have a copy on this machine) and hit Control and “D” together, or go File|Properties. Then click on the Description tab of the Properties – you will see different creation dates for the pdfs, the older one having a Creation Date of 24/06/2014, whilst the newer one’s is 2/2/2015.

    What I expect happened is Ms J. Collins had the original Word 2010 document on file and simply removed the relevant text, and then put it back though Acrobat to get a new pdf for the web.


    • Why would you expect Ms J Collins to do this ? What if RR you modified it in the hope that you can try to convince others that Ms J Collins had done it ? or maybe Ms S Champion has done it . And what is the relevance of this ” and let’s not forget that at least one of UKIP’s councillors and PPC has a fair sized property portfolio” on a thread about Shaukat Ali …. Oh yea I forgot … have to try and implicate and accuse UKIP at every available opportunity ….it seems your one of those die hard stick a red rosette on a monkey and it would still get your vote ..labour supporters ….Although to be fair to the monkey it probably would do a better job.


    • That’s very interesting, why would one dispose wholesale of a property portfolio, by transfer to other parties or sale in such a short time-scale?

      If it was felt that there was a threat to the assets from some organ of our limpid state, for whatever infraction of the law might have conceivably been the case, then an internal transfer in the UK, and or the sale of the assets for cash, wouldn’t put them out of reach of what passes for authority here – especially given the very recent nature of whatever transactions had occurred.

      Cashing out and transfer of funds abroad would perhaps be favourite


  5. I’m not sure what you mean but the question was “Can someone name me one Councillor who isn’t on the make in Rotherham”? which I answered.

    If you think he is on the make, please elaborate. Or for you is it all about complaining about every councillor you don’t agree with?


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