Still playing party games?

Rotherham Labour Group, or what’s left of it, is meeting tomorrow.

Surprisingly, instead of thinking about how to clean Rotherham up after it has been revealed to be ‘not fit for purpose’, our Labour Councillors are still only interested in themselves and their own narrow political advantage!

Plotting and garnering of support continues and the front runner is said to be a Wickersley councillor who seems still to be ‘in denial’ if she thinks she might be suitable Leader material, after doing nothing at all to expose the scandal of incompetence at the centre of Rotherham’s problems with CSE and all the other related matters, where the council was found wanting.

The ambitious one? That would be, the ‘buy one, get Thirlwall free’ candidate, Susan Ellis! The co-conspirators? Chris Read and Emma Hoddinott!

Still playing party politics when, not one of those left has any honour. They should all be considering their positions and should then go! They really are outrageous!

The ‘not fit for purpose’ Labour Group, from the ‘not fit for purpose’ Rotherham Labour Party, running a ‘not fit for purpose’ Council, yet ambition seems still to be the order of the day! Quite incredible, but par for the course, for Labour’s ‘not fit for purpose’ Leader, Ed Miliband!


20 thoughts on “Still playing party games?

  1. Is this the same Sue Ellis that appeared on my doorstep brandishing leaflets containing all the labour promises but then when I tried to engage in a debate regarding these promises she made a lame excuse that her colleagues were calling her away (they were most certainly not) and beat a hasty retreat. I guess cowardice is a highly regarded quality amongst labour councillors.


      • Does it really matter that a person who is elected doesn’t come from Rotherham?

        What matters is what a person does while they are in office so by all means criticise what she has or has not achieved but please don’t criticise her for not being born and bred in Rotherham.

        Parochial inward looking attitudes aren’t going to help us move forward and get out of the mess we are in.

        The B.


  2. Depending on how much more comes out about the scandal, does anyone in their right mind want to become the leader of such a discredited party. The smart money would be for the dead wood to be defeated and then rebuild.


  3. Can we infer from this that Hoddinot is playing kingmaker? Her attitudes and utterances while she was Deputy Dawg makes her unfit to be anywhere near the top table IMV.
    I am in complete agreement with Adam (the OP) about the old guard not being ‘fit for purpose’.


  4. Yes i think it does matter whether a politician is born and bred this applies to our MP as well altho she has been our MP for over 2 years still doesn’t even live in Rotherham what’s up we not good enough ? good enough for her to drag her £87000 per year and get her in the public eye


    • LIVING in the same town as the people you represent is a different matter to being born and bred in the same town as the people you represent.

      Are you saying that it should be a prerequisite for being elected to represent the people of the Rotherham that they had to have been born in the town? What if we have someone who was perfectly capable of doing a good job of being a councillor that was born and lived in Barnsley for 20 years but for the last 25 years had lived in Rotherham?

      Should we exclude that person because they are not ‘born and bred’ in Rotherham? No of course not.

      Its a nonsense to choose people to do a job because they are indigenous to the town, we should be looking at the right people with the right qualities for the job and not whether someone has a perfect pedigree of being born and bred in Rotherham.


  5. “Not fit for purpose”, At last nights Anston Parish Council Meeting, Cllr Jo Burton came under severe pressure from the public about her role in CSE. A motion was proposed that those with connections to CSE on the Parish Council (Beck, Burton, Dalton and Stonebridege) all stand down, this was defeated by, guess who, all the other Labour Cllrs. Still in denial. The best that Burton could come up with was that the Cassey report said that the Council was not ” fit for purpose”, which included ALL Cllrs. She then stooped as low as she could by trying, twice, to drag into the mix the Independent Cllr Clive Jepson. She was quite rightly jeered for this comment. She also stated after the meeting that all the Taxi problems in Rotherham were before Cllr Dalton took over ( so nothing has happened since she was chair then ?) She does not appear to be on the same Planet as the rest of us.
    She has to go. she is still in complete denial.
    The best bit was that she was left to face the music of CSE on her own, when the other Cllrs Beck, Dalton St John and Stonebridge all failed to show up for the meeting. They knew they were to be questioned about their roles in CSE and took the cowardly route out.
    I think its really time that Labour Central took a close look at the Labour Group at Anston,
    With regard to Hoddinot and Co, how can you accept that you failed at Cabinet level, and still be representing the Labour Party, and still be in position.


  6. In reply to Adam ,yes these individuals have let Rotherham down, but there will be more councils throughout this country guilty of ignoring abuse as time progresses , some of which will be Tory or Lib Dem ,labours general Ideology before this election is far humane compared to the not fit for purpose David Cameron and his greedy public school Bullington club mob,


  7. Whereas in 2016 they will need to come up with 63 (assuming they want to field a candidate for every seat). Now that will be a task.

    The B.


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