Clearly the Labour Party in Rotherham is still ‘Not Fit For Purpose’! Two

Just received this first report that goes to the heart of the issue, denial!

“I had a short but interesting conversation with an ex Labour Councillor.

According to him, the initiation of the Jay report from within RMBC was politically motivated by the then Chief Executive Martin Kimber.

He went on to say that Rotherham Labour were carrying out a holding action until after the general Election and he along with others were hopeful that the appointment of Commissioners would be reversed should Labour be elected into Government as (and I quote) “the appointment of Commissioners to run Rotherham Council was a typical shabby political trick by the Tories to undermine the Labour party”.

Still in denial or is it something we should be worried about if Labour get into power after the GE?”

and this report on the selection in Valley Ward, left as a comment, too good to miss:

“A new future? Really? Not based on the news I have just heard regarding “call me Dave”. Yes that’s right David Pickering or “Dave” has been selected to stand in Valley ward in May.How the hell can this happen? Not 4 weeks since the Casey report and already the parasites are crawling out from under their rocks. Yes this is the same Dave Pickering that attended the seminar back in 2005 and one would say well aware of the abuse in Rotherham. The Labour party still are seemingly very much in denial.”

Also from an anonymous contributor:

Tajmal Khan has been selected for Sitwell Ward!

Oh dear, that’s not one of their better choices, Moofy’s man indeed! Another biraderist on the make?

Update: Have Dave Pickering and Tajmal Khan been engaging in disinformation, mostly aimed at Labour fellow Panel Members as in, “this seat is mine so stay away” dirty tricks!

Nothing it would appear has changed, nor lessons learned.

16 thoughts on “Clearly the Labour Party in Rotherham is still ‘Not Fit For Purpose’! Two

  1. Well that’d one vote that Labour won’t get. Spoilt my ballot last year and will do the same again unless there’s a credible alternative


  2. They can’t change until they admit to themselves what they did.

    They can’t admit to themselves what they did because of the scale of what they did.

    So they physically can’t change.

    They have to lose their seats.


  3. “shabby political trick by the Tories to undermine the Labour party”.
    Denial on a large scale and in contrast to Miliband who has not said the commissioners should not take control in Rotherham.“It was terrible what happened in Rotherham. Lots and lots of young people were terribly let down, including by Labour representatives”
    These shabby wannabe’s are a disgrace to the Labour party and Miliband must take firm action to support the commissioners and weed out these political hucksters.


  4. As a newbie to Rotherham it would be very helpful for the list of which councillors attended the seminars described in the Jay Report to be made public.
    Pretty sure from the work RothPol does and the work of its readers that you’ve probably done it already but for the newbies please could you do it again. I want to know if the Councillor(s) standing in May were there so I can ask them about it when they come knocking on the door for my vote.


  5. There haven’t been ANY selections by the Labour Party in Rotherham yet. The first shortlisting meetings didn’t start until this week and the first selection meeting isnt until the 3rd March.

    Maybe ought to do a fact check on your own sources. 😉


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