What Universe does Muhbeen inhabit?

From this weeks Advertiser, Muhbeen in a strop?

A COMMUNITY campaigner says the media scrum descending on Rotherham again in the wake of the Casey report threatened to undermine efforts to root out child sex abuse.

British Muslim Youth founder Muhbeen Hussain said there were some positive steps being made following the Jay report revelations last August.

But he said the international spotlight returning to Rotherham after the Casey inspection – and the lack of prosecutions – means many will overlook the achievements made.

Mr Hussain said: “After the Jay report,  we held demonstrations against the council and police and other institutions that have failed us.

“Nearly six months have gone by and in this period there’s been some work been done with domestic violence group Apna Haq, Sarah Champion and Rotherham United.

“But there’s only so much the council could do with no chief executive or director of children and young people’s services.”

He added: “The voice came out and people were talking about this. We’re not offended by this. We want to see prosecutions, too, but the problem we’ve got is no arrests being made.

“We can’t arrest people, the council can’t arrest people. It’s down to the police.”

Mr Hussain suggested the Government intervention after Louise Casey found Rotherham Borough Council to be unfit for purpose could have been done more subtly.

He said: “Rotherham should not have been scapegoated again. Eric Pickles should have put these commissioners in to support the existing councillors.

“There was no need for the media limelight lambasting the town again. It doesn’t help.”

British Muslim Youth has said it cannot support the Casey report in full because of some omissions about its own efforts on child sexual exploitation.

Mr Hussain said: “We supported all the findings in the Jay report but we don’t support the full findings of this one.

“The problem we have is just with some aspects that haven’t been challenged .It’s based on hearsay, interviews and people’s opinions, not empirical evidence.

“One page says a councillor stopped young people going out against the English Defence League when they were demonstrating.

“That isn’t true. The councillor had a community meeting and at that meeting I said young people need to be told not to go out onto the streets.

“My organisation held meetings in 2012 when we called for young people not to turn up. We sent text messages out. That was us.

“But that’s not said in the report and that’s why I question some aspects of it.”


26 thoughts on “What Universe does Muhbeen inhabit?

  1. The so called journalists at the Advertiser are always quick to dismiss Roth Pol on Twitter or other means but they never ever ask the meaningful questions. Who are the Muslim Youth? How many members has it got? Who nominated Mubheen as their spokesman and exactly who is he speaking for? Why give this person so much TV, newspaper coverage without finding out who he actually is. Why is it never made clear that he is related to the shamed Cllr Hussain and Ali?


    • The answer to all the questions you pose would be, Muhbeen Hussain.

      Muhbeen is a charlatan, a fantasist and just a young biraderist thug on the make! A veritable ‘chip off the old block’ then. Moofy should be proud?

      Hope Labour haven’t fallen for the rubbish he spouts and won’t be having him as a candidate?

      Muhbeen shouldn’t even be a member of Labour, due to his antedeluvian views and his overtly misogynistic, anti-Semitic and racist opinions!


      • Not for me to defend Muhbeen, but I would be surprised if you could dig up evidence that he is anti-Semitic, possibly anti neo-Zionist , but then so are many Israelis – try reading Haaretz.


        • Multiple reports from those he was over heard speaking in his vernacular.
          A couple of other words he is reportedly fond of using, goura and kufar, I assume you understand the unacceptable racist attitudes associated with their use?


      • Rothpol,
        I always feel it best to base one’s criticism on peoples’ public utterances, not on what someone allegedly heard. And yes, I do understand those words – and out in the real world I’ve been accused at different times of being an Israeli spy and a CIA spy. and many many other things.. – so what, and I don’t hold it against any of the accusers. … and on your blog I was recently called a pederast. Again, so what.
        As you should know well, I have no time for young Muhbeen. But he is at worst a minor irritant not a major problem.
        … and frankly I find his posturing really quite funny.


        • I would find it funny, were it not for the fact that BMY is a deception, for whose benefit is unclear, but that will emerge in time.
          The utterances were public, just not in English.


    • How is being British and being Muslim the same ? I actually consider myself English ..living in England .. just like the people at the top of this island we live on would consider themselves Scottish .. but never would either of us say we are Muslim …when we talk about England, Ireland, Scotland and wales as a whole then that is Great Britain ..British Isles ..this is where we consider ourselves to be BRITISH. The bit about rejecting the “clash of civilisations” between Islam and the west .. ( Muslim non Muslim ) the very name of the group adds to that division .. why are they not called British youth ? Maybe the bit about education would be useful though… but the bit about striving for justice is laughable. Why does this wannabe get so much attention ?.


      • so so funny!
        The island of Ireland may be part of the British Isles, but it is not part of Great Britain.- which is the bigger island just to the east of it. (East is to the left when you look at a map).


  2. It good to hear from our favourite big mouth, been ages since he spouted he’s usual denials. I thought with all the vacancies for councillors becoming available, he would’ve been selected by now.


    • National platform againist CSE , been campaigning againist since 2012. Yet not given the name of one of the preptrators to the Police, is all talk.


  3. The universe they live in is one that will maintain a tight community silence over the abuse of children.

    This organisation has no place in Rotherham, they are in the dark ages when it comes to child protection, a bit like the taxi firms.


  4. Why is it called BMY because in it self it is raising concerns that I would have thought were apparent so far.
    It is a segregated and close group which means that it is biased in its intentions.
    It suggests that it will only have members from a elite group of people with particular charities tics and views.
    It suggests that no other youth group have any concerns and that only Muslims.
    It is biased in all so many ways.
    Could be considered racist but then I’m sure there will some one to put me right.
    Rotherham youth service run groups like this and it has always been a concern that this is totally against integration.
    Isn’t this how the Muslim leaders of past and presented got into senior positions that has led up to where we are.
    I rest my case.


    • BMY by it’s very name is a racist organisation and breaks every definition within the Race Relations legislation of this country. However, there has never been any prosecution or even condemnation of these people because several years ago, a certain Labour Home Secretary, who is always accompanied by a guide dog, deemed it “Not Racist”. At the same time he deemed that all associations such as the Association of Black Police Officers, Association of Black Probation Officers and many many more were not racist. By their very name, these organisations are racist because they exclude other members of our society! This is called positive discrimination and we all have to suffer it, Why?


  5. all BMY is a small closet of Muhbeen’s friends who all get off being part of a “prominent” group so they can run around the community and say “look at me! look at me!” i really doubt how sincere the people in that group really are-some people there are people in the past who probably perpetuated the “white gals are slags” narrative when in their private chats yet publically its a different tone they use.
    tbf, there is a need for a group to represent the muslim community but BMY seems a cronies gang of people who know each well. i dont see any new faces there.


      • The biggest problem I have with anything, Mahroof and Muhbeen do, it excludes persons of the female gender. Unforgivably misogynistic, but is tolerated by a local Labour Party found out as, ‘not fit for purpose’!


    • Of course there all inclusive, with welcome arms, as long as you denie that Pakistani people had nothing to do with CSE and it all a conspiracy .


  6. Muhbeen’s own relative who is the son of Councillor Shaukat Ali’s brother (nephew), was on trial for CSE along with the gang of 5 who were convicted but this individual was found not guilty at that time.

    Perhaps Muhbeen should focus on getting convictions closer at home first!


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