Power ebbs away?

Mahroof, Akhtar and Shaukat built their power and influence on the backs of the Mirpuri voters, providing Labour with what appeared a granite like block vote.

For obvious reasons all are now below the radar, keeping quiet, but it would be foolish to assume they have given up on power.

N0, they are behind the emergence of a young birideristas group, that is family and friends (not all Asian) presenting themselves as the fresh faces, almost the youth wing of the Biraderi.

BUT, this “youf” wing is not a force for modernity within the community, they are the new apologists and CSE deniers; more a recognition that in the short term at least the old guard are discredited. This lot are off the subs bench, not a new team.

There remains the old problem of finding new young faces who aren’t tied to a small set of families, partly down to hose family’s antagonism towards new blood from outside of the biraderi leadership caste.

However there is evidence that the Mirpuri vote is no longer granite like and that there are divisions. That they are losing their grip..

In Rotherham “the largest BME community is Pakistani & Kashmiri who numbered 7,912 in 2011 or 3.1% of the population.”

A few calculations (population, demographics & turnout) reduces the 7,912 into an “active voter” number of about 2600.


at the 2012 By Election Yvonne Ridley got 1,778 votes, at least 1300 of whom will be of Pakistani/Kashmiri cethnic origin. Meaning that the so called granite block vote was split 50:50.

Rothpol has previously observed the sense of panic, and nasty animosity that Akhtar and Mahroof show towards Respect, now we know why. It doesn’t threaten Labour, it’s their power base within Labour.

Other factors are also turning against them.

In Bradford West Respect voters came from among the younger Pakistani; It is they who are rebelling against the misogynistic, patriarchal and caste ridden biraderi we have in Rotherham. With another three years since the election of Sarah Champion the proportion of Pakistani/Kashmiri voters in the “young” category will have grown significantly.

There is also their failure as leaders in one of their primary tasks…..maintaining the community’s reputation. There can be little doubt that the failures of the Pakistani Councillors have undermined their support within their own community.

Lastly there is electoral reform and the change from single household registration, to individual registration. Comment has recently centred on many students not registering to Vote.

Less commented upon is the power it can take away from the head of household in traditional Pakistani households…or even landlords who register their tenants. The postal vote may not be the friend it has traditionally been to the Labour Party.

Wuff Justice

6 thoughts on “Power ebbs away?

  1. I think we should be very concerned about groups such as this in Rotherham as they have the potential for creating even more division between those from the Pakistani heritage background and those from other backgrounds.

    If you are right and young Pakistani’s such as this group do turn to Respect I can see racial tensions increasing on the streets of Rotherham should Mr Galloway’s racist and anti Semitic party get a foothold here (bringing yet more shame to the town along with racist and religious zealots).


    • TB, Whilst I have no time at all for Galloway himself – going back to his days running War on Want; I would not consider him anti-Semitic.
      Even the US President is highly critical of the current Israeli Prime Minister,.as are some 50% of the Israeli electorate. The elections there are in two weeks time, I hope and trust the Israeli electorate will throw him out.


      • Not anti Semitic? Really?


        “Respect MP George Galloway has been interviewed by police under caution after claims that he incited racial hatred by declaring Bradford an “Israel-free zone”.

        How about these comments from him?

        “We don’t want any Israeli goods, we don’t want any Israeli services, we don’t want any Israeli academics coming to the university or the college, we don’t even want any Israeli tourists to come to Bradford”.

        “We have declared Bradford an Israel-free zone”

        “We reject this illegal, barbarous, savage state that calls itself Israel – and you have to do the same.”

        Lets not be coy here, even though Galloway doesn’t say ‘Jew’ (therefore avoiding leaving himself open to arrest for anti Semitism) referring to the Jewish nation of Israel he is obviously referring to Jews.


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  3. Hello Wuff,
    I good insight-full piece.
    Just a point regarding the statistics.
    I know I’m stating the obvious when I say that the Pakistani/Kashmiri community is not evenly spread across Rotherham (either the Borough or the Parliamentary Constituency.), and that does impact the outcomes particularly in Ward elections.
    The most easily usable source of basic Ward demographic data is this site (using Boston Castle as example) : http://boston-castle.localstats.co.uk/census-demographics/england/yorkshire-and-the-humber/rotherham/boston-castle
    … and the Pakistani/Kashmiri community in Boston Castle was at 7.5% in the 2011 Census, and more than double the overall Rotherham Borough figure.
    Unfortunately it doesn’t give the data by age group. For that you have to work through this: https://neighbourhood.statistics.gov.uk/dissemination/ , or use the Parliamentary Constituency ratios as a proxy: http://data.parliament.uk/resources/constituencystatistics/census2011/census2011-rotherham.pdf


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