More of today’s news – Wednesday 25 February 2015

Two Ukip Euro MPs now in Rotherham race

is @ukip_rotherham an official account ?

RR poses a simple question, whoever they are they must be  desperate to re-tweet the wit and wisdom of  English National News ?

ukiproth ENN

11 thoughts on “More of today’s news – Wednesday 25 February 2015

    • This blog is moderated in order to keep trolls and flamers off here and to at least attempt to stay within the libel laws.
      Many of your previous efforts would have been very difficult for me to publish.
      We are a serious blog, whose community are committed to improving our Town. Intemperate language of the type you use is simply not tolerable, we are not racists but I have serious concerns about your stance on that subject.
      Unless you take my advice, this will be your last approved comment, Rik.


      • Interesting. When was the photo taken then? She showed a keen interest in the topic right from the start of being an mp. She got in a reference to Rotherham cse in only her second speech after being elected. Within a year she was trotting out the rmbc line that it wasn’t all Pakistan men and the council were doing a great job working with the police and other agencies.


  1. The 95% figure is certainly accurate for one policing area. “Greater Manchester Police, in whose area the offences took place, has declared that 95 per cent of the men on its sex offenders register are white.”
    But some caveats do apply:
    …and then there is another way of looking at it all: (NSFW! )


  2. Much has been written in the press about how Rotherham is not doing enough to protect its young people from this horrendous crime. I can assure the House that since being elected I have worked closely with South Yorkshire police and Rotherham metropolitan borough council to find out whether our young people are getting the protection they deserve. It is totally inaccurate to say that Rotherham is doing nothing to prevent this crime and prosecute abusers

    —Sarah Champion MP Sept 2013


  3. ” It is totally inaccurate to say that Rotherham is doing nothing to prevent this crime”
    A statement completely at variance with the Jay and Casey reports.
    “and prosecute abusers”
    RMBC-nor any council-or the police has the powers to prosecute offenders, that is the role and function of the CPS.
    Champion’s statement to the HoC can be interpreted in two ways; She was in complete ignorance of the true facts-which demolishes her claims to be ‘working closely with SYP and RMBC’-or she was giving a false and erroneous statement to the Commons.
    Champ or Chump?


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