Commissioners announced!

Latest spotted by RR:

Some easily available info on the Commissioners:

Sir Derek Myers

Stella Manzie CBE

Malcolm Newsam

Mary Ney

Julie Kenny

Wonder if any of these has anything to hide?

New #Rotherham Council commissioners announced: Sir Derek Myers, Stella Manzie, Malcolm Newsam, Mary Ney & Julie Kenny

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29 thoughts on “Commissioners announced!

  1. What accountability will the commissioners have to the rest of us, in the running and provision local services? I fear that the government, will use the child sex abuse issue, to push through more cuts and privatisation.


    • I would suggest that there will be far more accountability now than with the previous regime.

      I believe the Commissioners will have to report back to Government who in turn will be held to account by House of Commons select commissions.

      How do you figure that the Government will use this to push more cuts and privatisation?

      The B.


      • Still not accountable to us – the poor sods who actually have to live here. Given the destruction of this town by the tories down the years, I’m surprised you would ask your last question,


        • Have Labour ever been accountable to us, the poor sods who actually have to live here.
          Never, dominated by an all powerful Labour Group, that only take decisions in their own self interests, even Party members, are unable to hold them to account!


  2. I can’t say as I ever heard of any of the Commissioners except Julie Kenny who appears to be the only one with any local links (she’s from Anston and I have to say in the few dealings I have had with her she came across as being a level headed intelligent person who is willing to spend time listening to people).

    I have to say the Lead Commissioner Sir Derek Myers seems to be well qualified as a person to take over the running of a failed Council. Time will tell.

    The B.


  3. Now I’ve read this:

    Click to access EXPLANATORY_MEMORANDUM.pdf

    Read and Watson do not have full executive powers and must communicate with the Commissioners before they create an even bigger mess.. They have advisory roles only which will no doubt upset Watson even more given he is on record as one of the deniers of Louise Casey’s report.
    It will also be interesting to see if Jacqui Collins will fall on her sword or will she escape censure because she.knows how to resolve conflicts by ‘informal resolution’?
    I hope the Commissioners are from the same mould as Louise Casey and just as resolute.


      • @ Anonymous.
        Good question. However from the link I posted…………………..”the full council has a duty to elect a Leader and the Leader once elected has a duty to appoint at least two councillors to the Executive so that the duty under section 9C of the Local Government Act
        2000 is fulfilled”
        In reality the Leader of RMBC at the present time is the titular head of the council, nothing more. Executive powers are exercised by the Commissioners.


  4. Sir Derek Myers was the Chief Executive of Kensington & Chelsea as well as Hammersmith. It will be a different environment in Rotherham but I think his original background was as a Social Worker so he will have the knowledge and experience of what its like at the coal face as well as running not one but two large public authorities.


    • Yes – experience of running the richest borough in London and………another rich London borough. Must have missed what exactly such a working class hero will bring to the Rotherham table.


      • He will probably bring a lot more to the table than the inept bunch of working class heroes who used to run Rotherham council. Who knows, he might even be able to string a complete sentence together without uttering a sexist bullying remark.


      • @Forensic X
        Why does Rotherham need a ‘working class hero’ as a Commissioner? It is the ‘working class heroes’ who screwed up the town. Who amongst the dross at present has the breadth of business skills and acumen to understand what is needed to bring Rotherham back on an even keel? At the present time RMBC has debts it can just about service,the previous regime refused to face reality and are (to quote) “not fit for purpose”.
        Do us all a favour: Nominate a ‘working class hero’ who in your opinion has the necessary skills to sort out the shambles created by the ‘Party of the working class’.


  5. Julie Kenny

    I am suprised that someone from within the borough has been appointed as a commissioner.
    Hasn’t /doesn’t Julie Kenny use John Healey’s flat when she is in London? I believe so.
    Isn’t this something of a conflict of interest?


  6. I can see a flat use FOI being sent, just as someone with the skills to avoid the get out of jail words used to avoid replying to a FOI getting on their key board.


  7. Sir Derek will be lead commissioner and command fees of £800 a day, Ms Manzie will take the role of the managing director commissioner with an annual fee of £160,000 and Mr Newsam will be nominated as children’s social care commissioner.

    Ms Ney and Ms Kenny will be supporting commissioners. The latter three will all be paid fees of £700 a day.

    Rotherham Council has been told it will be expected to pay the commissioners’ fees plus any “reasonable expenses”.

    More expense for the people of Rotherham


  8. “Mr Pickles said Sir Derek Myers will be the Lead Commissioner,
    Stella Manzie will take the role of the Managing Director Commissioner
    and Malcolm Newsam will be nominated as Children’s Social Care Commissioner.
    He said Mary Ney and Julie Kenny will be supporting commissioners.”

    It would be highly suspicious if any of the Commissioners had any
    association whatsoever with the organisation Common Purpose.
    It has not gone unnoticed that reference of the associations of all
    those who failed in RMBC with Common Purpose was glaringly missing.

    Stella Manzie has spent time with Common Purpose infected Coventry Council.

    Click to access CPBG_Minutes_20_June_08.pdf

    See last paragraph on page 2.
    Previous employer West Berkshire council has links to Common Purpose.
    For example:
    Page 5 – Common Purpose on the consultation list.
    West berks also using the Common Purpose sponsored NLP training:
    Note, for example:

    Mary Ney worked at Greenwich Borough Council, which used Common Purpose in 2009.
    Mary Ney was a Member on the Capital Ambition Programme Board
    Also, an example:
    Meeting to be held on Monday 14 April 2008
    Page 128:
    “The initiative will be led by the
    Young Foundation, working in partnership
    with OPM and Common Purpose.”
    Page 129
    “Common Purpose will lead on
    developing an overview of the key
    managers in London, and will be central
    to the leadership development initiatives
    after the initial formative stages are

    Julie Kenny
    Note close and long-standing involvement with Common Purpose
    For example: Rise Internship ‘benefit’:
    An intensive business induction, with one of the UKs
    premier leadership development organisations Common Purpose
    Note association with Julia Middleton of Common Purpose.
    Example, contributors to business book ‘In Good Company’
    by Rebecca Jordan and Kirsty Weir.


  9. We all need to keep a very tight watch on this lot.

    Do they have agreed terms of reference and specific individual performance objectives?
    Will they have to complete a declaration of interests register?
    What constitutes a day’s work, eight, 10 or more hours for their daily rate?
    How will they evidence their days work?
    Will they travel first class on the train, that is even if the bother to come north and grace us with their presence?
    What expenses will they claim for, a £70 meal plus fine wines?
    Overseas fact finding missions?
    First or club class flights?
    Excessive use of taxis as opposed to getting on a bus?
    Four and five star London hotels the night before a group meeting when a video conference would have saved money?
    Will RMBC demand receipts for every expense claim?
    Will mileage claims be checked for accuracy?

    Welcome to Rotherham, the civic landscape is changing; citizen governance is here to stay!


    • But you know who to blame for all this, your local Labour Party, MP’S, councillors and the people whose arse they were licking up to, for a few votes, the Pakistani , peodofiles.


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