Bradford West: police enter row

Bradford West: police enter row as candidate claims online smear

Naveeda Ikram says she was impersonated online by someone who wanted to suggest she holds sectarian views


10 thoughts on “Bradford West: police enter row

  1. We HAVE imported sectarianism – that’s what multiculturalism creates.
    You don’t have to be a brain surgeon to arrive at that simple conclusion.
    And imported with these alien cultures comes their cultural baggage – religious bigotry, biraderi, voting fraud, misogyny, misguided cultural supremacy.

    And just exactly what have the police got to do with it ? If you slander or libel someone it’s a civil matter.
    How much taxpayer’s money do we have to waste on trying to sort out the factionalism that these idiots from Third World backward cultures have brought with them ?


    • You misunderstand Roger. You are right that libel and slander are civil matters, but you can be prosecuted for posting racist remarks online: .
      Clearly someone has made these remarks and so it becomes a criminal matter. She has, in my opinion, done the right thing here as she could potentially have found herself being prosecuted for something someone else has posted while pretending to be her.


    • Because you can be prosecuted and imprisoned for posting racist remarks on the net. To say that “These people have let our community down , first they selected a Sikh and now a Somalian” is clearly racist towards Somalis and Sikhs. If someone had hacked your account and posted something that could see you landed in jail, wouldn’t you want to clear your name?


      • Ah, but it’s attacking “they” for selecting a Sikh and then a Somali, as though they are somehow not up to the job purely because of their race. Do you not see that?

        And again I ask – If someone hacked your account and posted something that could see you doing time, wouldn’t you want to clear your name as soon as possible? I know I would.


  2. I wonder how many innocent people she has branded as racist during her scramble to the top? Perhaps she doesn’t like a taste of her own medicine.


    • She was parachuted into Bradford, from London, which was an insult to the local Labour Party. She would’ve had no knowledge of the area she was going to represent. It look like what Labour is trying to do is select candidates which are atheistically pleasing to their notion of equality, ie women, regardless of local factors and candidates.

      Allow the local party to choose the perfer choice, regardless of sex or creed and that choice be based on pure ability alone.


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