In the land of UKIP

live coverage of the UKIP spring conference

Nigel Farage Requests Police Bodyguards For Ukip General Election Campaign

Ukip’s Nigel Farage Delivers Barnstorming Speech In Washington… To An Empty Room

Nigel Farage travels to Washington to address a near-empty room

but no mention of the audience size here:

‘We’re not the tea party!’ UKIP chief Nigel Farage insists, as he visits America and warns that ‘if the Republican Party sticks with the establishment it will LOSE

or here:

The Cult Of Farage: Hero’s Welcome In US



Mike Hookem to fight the Wentworth and Dearne constituency at the forthcoming general election

Mike Hookem MEP, UKIP defence spokesman, will be fighting the seat of Wentworth and Dearne at the general election. Mike, along with fellow UKIP MEP Jane Collins, will be giving the voters of Rotherham a real choice on May 7th.

Mike said: “I’m honoured to have the opportunity to fight the Wentworth & Dearne seat on behalf of UKIP. From speaking to local residents, the people of the area are crying out for change and I believe UKIP offer the only realistic alternative to Labour for many voters.”

The news follows a string of impressive election results for UKIP in South Yorkshire including winning many local council seats last May. However, Mike acknowledged that winning the parliamentary seat would require some serious work as the sitting Labour MP, John Healey, won the seat in 2010 with a 13,000 margin. Mike urged all UKIP members to join the campaign to topple the Labour MP.

….seems they totally forgotten about Allen Cowles UKIP PPC Rother Valley !

and he’s even disappeared from here:

Another selection courtesy of RR

20 thoughts on “In the land of UKIP

  1. Rothpol,
    On Wednesday the 24th, Cllr Vines wrote
    “Tomorrow I will send to rothpole UKIP’s local manifesto to publish but I will not answer any questions about it until Labour publish there Local Manifesto so it is a fare comparison I think that is democracy but I doubt our friends on this site like Janet Green or Robin Will agree because they both like to have a go but never put up the alternative for comparison
    Now that’s a real challenge for a equal debate do you not agree.”

    When are you going to upload it ?


      • It’s understandably delayed.
        In January, when Suzanne Evans took over finishing the UKIP party manifesto from Tim Aker, she said “I relish the task of putting together the final details and presenting a sensible, radical and fully costed manifesto at our spring conference in Margate.”
        However, today “Suzanne Evans, Ukip’s deputy chairman, says the party always planned to publish its manifesto after the budget, which is in March.”


    • This poll makes no sense to me:

      It is little surprise the word Nasty is associated with UKIP, it’s a phrase that’s often used to describe them in the media and in parliament by their opponents. The public pick up on catchwords like this, so when asked the question it’s obvious what the answer is even if you don’t actually think they are nasty at all, you associate the word nasty with them. If I asked you which party do you most associate the words “Loony Left” with, what would your answer be?

      And I like how they say “Britons are also mostly likely to say immigration has no impact on their ability to find their job” and then put the figure of 44% next to it. Simple maths tells you that if 44% think it has no impact, the remaining 56% think it does. Last time I checked 56% was higher than 44%, so in fact Britons are most likely to say immigration DOES have an impact.

      I’m not a UKIP supporter, I’m not likely to vote for them in May, but even so I think this is a piss poor effort designed to weaken UKIP in the build up to the election.


      • (I just wish bubble would go pop!)
        R. Wild, this is the full survey data – it may help to explain:

        Click to access ITV-News-Index_23rd-February-2015.pdf

        (all pollsters other than Lord Ashcroft are regulated by these guys: but how tight the regulation is I just don’t know.)

        … and so far I still haven’t found the source data for this:
        (but shurely it is immigration that they wish to control, not all migration in or out, I’d really get angry if I were not allowed to leave UK. – I left when Thatcher brought in the Poll Tax, and only returned in 2002, I might want to do so again the way things are going. 🙂 )


      • Thanks for suppyling the link RR, but it just proves my point – Take a look at table 24 on page 46 of the report. it asks if the respondent agrees or disagrees that:

        UKIP Are a racist party
        UKIP are more honest than other parties
        UKIP are not a credible party
        UKIP have sensible policies.

        All these questions would be fine, provided they asked the same about the other political parties. They didn’t do this. It might have been within the rules, but when weighted questions such as these are asked you have to question the validity of the whole piece. Do you see what I’m saying?


      • R. WIlde,
        I can understand the point you are making about table 24 , but it is IMHO quite acceptable for ITN to commission a poll that looks only at people’s perception of UKIP.
        Both of us know what tory and labour votes look and sound like and their national distribution, but then along came UKIP. Quite recently it was the party of the golf club bar bores of the South East of England and people without any science background who rejected climate change; now it claims to be the party of the disenfranchised northern working class, whilst appearing to be the party of the people of the decayed coastal towns of the east coast.
        I have never been involved in this field, but I’ve spend a lot of time working hard at getting even proxies for the data that I needed to have, and it was always selective data.
        Bias only comes in how the data is spun after the survey.


      • “Bias only comes in how the data is spun after the survey”

        Like when they said “Britons are also mostly likely to say immigration has no impact on their ability to find their job”, then quote a figure which shows less than half of us actually think that? If it had said “almost half of Britons”, or “44% of Britons” then fine, but they tried to make it sound like the majority of Britons think that. Hence it shows bias.

        “it is IMHO quite acceptable for ITN to commission a poll that looks only at people’s perception of UKIP.”

        If the entire poll was intended to look specifically at peoples perceptions of UKIP then I’d be inclined to agree, but it starts by asking about all the parties and then singles UKIP out for special treatment. IMHO that isn’t how it should be done at all. We now know how many people think UKIP are a racist party, for example, but know nothing about how many think the same of the Tories, or if they think Labour has any credible policies.

        There are plenty of things you and I agree on Reg, so I’m happy to agree to disagree on this one if you are? We could go on for days getting nowhere otherwise, lol.


  2. Very interesting, but my own local opinion poll shows 100% trust in Ukip on immigration and 100% trust in Ukip on running RMBC. Doubtless the outcome in May will show slightly less support for Ukip, since the Donkey Red Rosette brigade are incapable of changing their colour. Three cheers for the Commissioners!


  3. If the people of Rotherham vote Labour in May then the people will have got what they deserve.
    We can not let apathy stop this corrupt Labour council from being booted into the past.


  4. Labour nationally have shown they are prepared to bury this and they’ll only change if they start losing seats over it so if people want this issue dealt with then it has to be anyone but Labour in the seats where it’s been happening.


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