Questions for Jahangir Akhtar

Following up on the report in this weeks Advertiser regarding Jahangir Akhtar’s taxi licence suspension, we have a number of direct questions for Jahangir:

What did you know about the uses of taxis for CSE in the late 90’s and early 2000’s when you were the single most powerful and influential Taxi driver in Rotherham and co owner of a firm?

When you were de facto leader of the taxi drivers, When you were their lead representative on licensing committees, including representing drivers faced with loss of license for reasons of crimes including sexual assault.

The world of the permanent, full time taxi driver is a small one. They meet up at the office, and regularly and when hanging around waiting for fares. They gossip, discuss rates, difficult customers and human nature being as it is, girls. Among the Pakistani community this world is even smaller, with jobs and even taxis being shared. Where whole families have rights to work in certain firms.

So Akhtar. In your role as the biggest spider at the centre of this taxi world web, a man known to be mildly paranoid and a control freak, please tell us what you knew?

Were you in any way associated with the firms named in that shredded 2002 report? Don’t tell porkies Akhtar, I know the names of those firms will emerge,

While writing this I heard on radio the astonishing tale from a former driver, about a taxi firm he worked for with a Council Contract. To register a fare undertaken on behalf of the Council they were given passwords that would be appended to an invoice to the Council, this guaranteed payment.

The Taxi firms and drivers abused these passwords and on occasions, he said, that the passwords were used to bill for prostitution runs involving young girls.

Akhtar, did you know about these passwords?

Did you work or were you a partner in a Taxi firm that held such contracts?

These are important questions. We feel should be asked by those who can ask them, perhaps with more insistence and to require an answer? We shall see!

Sorry I can’t provide a link, neither to this, nor to some of their best journalism from the Advertiser, perhaps ever!

27 thoughts on “Questions for Jahangir Akhtar

  1. Can I add one more? Do you have some clue as to why Louise Casey stated the other councillors were terrified of you, even after you left the council? I know they are gutless cowards, but surely they must have some cause?


  2. I wonder if the NCA will review the decision South Yorkshire Police made in relation to his involvement in the handover of a victim from his child abusing “nephew”?


  3. If it’s correct that Jahangar Akhtar, when offering his services to UKIP in an email to Nigel Farage and promising “to spill the beans” on his former colleagues, in return for membership of UKIP and a seat on the council, then if he knows something about these crimes and the people involved he should tell the police or be arrested and charged with perverting the course of justice.


  4. “Sorry I can’t provide a link, neither to this, nor to some of their best journalism from the Advertiser, perhaps ever!”
    Not even to quote from the paper under “fair dealing”?
    I’m not up to date with it all but once understood that:
    “(2) Fair dealing with a work (other than a photograph) for the purpose of reporting current events
    does not infringe any copyright in the work provided that (subject to subsection (3)) it is
    accompanied by a sufficient acknowledgement.
    ( – I think!)
    This week’s edition of the Tizer is truely significant, and they should be rightly proud of it, it is well worth the 80p for ffs, I suggest everyone go out and buy it, particularly for the article that describes the way Martin Parker has been treated by UKIP.

    But that story has national significance and it needs and requires national exposure in the MSM – and its not likely to get that without some help. .


      • I think he meant far more than that – remember he shows articles from the Times (which are behind an expensive paywall) , but seldom/never from the Tizer |(which is behind a cheap near pay-per-view paywall –
        There are at least 9 pages of writing on Rotherham politics in today’s edition , all worth reading. I bought a print copy this morning.
        Please buy a copy in the morning. Their exposure on what happened to Martyn Parker and his candidacy for Wentworth and Dearne is a must read. I’n any other part of the country it would make the national news.
        I am not a UKIP supporter, but nobody should be treated like that. If he were to stand in Rother Valley as an Independant – I for one would vote for him.


  5. The Tizer has now got some very sharp teeth.

    If anyone is in any doubt regarding the journalist credentials of the local weekly paper then take a look at this week’s edition.

    No doubt fueled with sound local sources of information the Tizer may well be on the cusp of a story that is ground breaking, fingers crossed they deliver.


    • Well they had one of the biggest stories of the century in their own backyard and let an outsider beat them to it, perhaps he taught them what real journalism is all about.


    • Where have they been till now? How many victims went to the Advertiser over the years and were ignored? A genuine question. If they provide an answer, and an apology if the number is greater than zero, then maybe I will buy their paper. Till then I’d rather depend on this blog. It’s free and has been telling the truth longer than the Advertiser.


      • The best thing they can do is to expose all those involved in this scandal , in particular , these gutless, conniving Local political dignitaries, your Mp’s, councillors, council officers, SYP and of course the preptrators. Then they might redeem themselves in the eyes of the Rotherham public.


  6. From Anon 19.31.

    Latest licensing department closing new agency coming to run it great decision.

    Is this the Taxi licensing dept?

    If so, a great first step in protecting our young girls.


    • Yes it is Anon, the Licencing department covers taxi’s, pubs, offlicences, licenced restaurants etc. Let’s not forget, some restaurants and takeaways were identified as being used by the gangs to abuse their victims. I have a feeling it will be more than just taxi drivers and taxi firms that will lose their licences.


      • Well here is the thing. Those businesses can be sued, and on the balance of probability too. This is one of the aims of the campaign group I am trying to get off the ground. I am moving to Rotherham on Monday to help those working to shut down the rape gangs. Lawfare is one of the chief avenues we are exploring. We must ruin the rapists and their enablers. Anyone interested in helping can email me at


  7. May I also add another question please?

    What was your relationship outside the Councillor / Officer one, which has defined boundaries, with Tom Cray, Director responsible for licensing and cited in the Casey report ?


  8. There may be striking similarities here – “back channel negotiations”, “state machinery incapable of curbing this…..”; epidemic abuse

    “The victim’s father also said that the police have arrested the main accused but a trial is yet to begin.

    He added that because the alleged perpetrator wields influence, the police is being forced to reach a ‘compromise’ or outside court settlement through back-channel negotiations.

    This incident comes a day after BBC reported the horrifying story of a gang-rape victim who was filmed during the crime. The film was later distributed widely on social media sites, with little to no repercussions for the alleged perpetrators.

    Look at: Gang-rape victim lives life of isolation after viral video

    This case adds to the plethora of paedophilia cases reported across Pakistan each year, with the state machinery proving incapable of curbing this in the near future. A similar story was released in a documentary titled ‘Pakistan’s Hidden Shame’ that premiered in Britain’s Channel 4 last September.

    The documentary alleges that 9 out of 10 children in Peshawar have been victims of pedophilia. It also contains interviews with truck drivers who have committed such crimes.”


  9. Let’s start to join the dots up in this scandal that allowed tens of vulnerable children to the abused and then raped.

    1 A politically correct Labour council
    2 A council with influential members
    3The controls and safeguards being undermined by influential political members
    4 A local out of touch media
    5 A business community so well linked to RMBC not one of the champions of business spotted even one worrying sign
    6 Labour politicians accepting that what was going on was acceptable
    7 A blind eye being shown to taxi firms, fast food out lets, buy to rent landlords who should have been flagged up as being a risk to young girls by RMBC
    8 Rotherham rape gangs being allowed to do whatever they want because of community cohesion

    Enough is enough.


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