The Sarah Champion fan club is out in force today – even Cameron PM asks to meet her

Rotherham MP describes town’s child protection funding as ‘drop in the ocean’

MP calls for dedicated centre to support victims of child sex abuse in Rotherham

Call for abuse victims to get ‘disaster’ funds

PM demands action on grooming gangs

“Andrew Norfolk Chief Investigative Reporter

Published at 12:01AM, February 27 2015

David Cameron is to host a Downing Street conference to demand decisive action against sex-grooming criminals.

Triggered by public outrage over the Rotherham child-abuse scandal, next week’s event will challenge ministers and experts to find new ways to target offenders and protect vulnerable young teenagers across the country.

The prime minister will say that “we owe it to our children, and to the children who survive horrific sexual abuse, to do better”.

He will also meet privately with victims and specialist workers from Rotherham, where 1,400 girls were groomed, pimped and trafficked by organised groups of men, largely of Pakistani origin, over a 16-year period.

An independent inquiry revealed last year that police and care professionals in the South Yorkshire town knew of the abuse but failed to tackle it, in part because of concerns about racism and community cohesion.

A follow-up inspection by Louise Casey, director-general of the government’s Troubled Families programme, led to the local authority being stripped of its powers. Eric Pickles, the communities secretary, yesterday named five commissioners who will take over the council’s executive functions and replace its ruling Labour cabinet.

He also pledged £250,000 to fund the rebirth of a pioneering Rotherham street project that supported child victims and gathered intelligence about men suspected of targeting them. The specialist youth service team, Risky Business, was shut down by the council in 2011, a decision Mr Pickles described as “misguided and inappropriate”.

Ms Casey said that resuming the project “will hopefully repair some of the damage done and support victims to bring more perpetrators of these vile crimes to justice”.

Sarah Champion, the Labour MP for Rotherham, and Jayne Senior, who ran Risky Business, will meet the prime minister with grooming victims and their families before Tuesday’s event.

A No 10 spokesperson said that on Tuesday Mr Cameron and ministers would meet leaders from local authorities, clinical leaders, chief constables and experts in child protection to demand “a new culture of action to stamp out child sexual exploitation and put perpetrators behind bars”. ”


13 thoughts on “The Sarah Champion fan club is out in force today – even Cameron PM asks to meet her

  1. Ah yes, more shameless showboating and bandwaggoning by the town’s MP. Hope there are no photos, as that would mean Cameron becomes instantly as to blame as she is – he needs to watch the company he keeps!


    • He sure does , wouldn’t want to be associated with MP’s he knew nothing about the abuse of their children , which went on for 16 yrs, a council that was handicapped by fear of being called Racist and therefore upsetting communtiy cohesion , child care professionals who were more interested in Political Correctness than doing their jobs of protecting children, and a Police force that couldn’t detect a crime, even if the criminals committed it in front of them.

      No Dave might be a slimey stuck up toff, but even he has standards of decency, sadly missing from the Labour Party and it’s members.


  2. “He will also meet privately with victims and specialist workers from Rotherham, where 1,400 girls were groomed, pimped and trafficked by organised groups of men, largely of Pakistani origin, over a 16-year period”. Great can’t wait to hear his opinions on what he thinks about the corrupt, lying and scheming labour party that kept quiet about the abuse for fear of being called racists … and the fact that we have still not seen GANGS of Pakistani men arrested …. you know the gangs that Jay and Casey wrote about … or how the police lost evidence that was handed to them .. Should be worth hearing what the PM has to say … I wonder if he will share the view of lessons learnt blah blah blah won’t happen again blah blah blah the same as the local labour group. What are the chances of these gangs ever being arrested ? I think you would have more chance of hitting the sun with a snowball . Remember when you vote you can give labour the kick in the teeth they deserve .


  3. And the Sarah Champion showboating lesson continuesn Not content with rubbernecking at the victims CSE she’s now going to parade them in front of David Cameron. Perhaps if she put as much effort into bringing these gangs of Pakistani men to justice (If they are still in the country) she may get some respect, I think not.


      • Wow superior intelligence and yet you did nothing or knew nothing about your party allowing children being abused by your friends, while the rest of your mates turn a blind eye.


        • You don’t know them properly yet? All parts of Rotherham’s political landscape are welcome to argue their own position, it’s called democracy.
          One of my reasons for starting this blog was to ‘shake the tree’, to wake up the voters and to help to drive better engagement with politics generally. Seem to be succeeding at least, in part, in that ambition?


  4. “David Cameron is to host a Downing Street conference to demand decisive action against sex-grooming criminals.” says Andrew Norfolk of The Times. Has he not seen the photograph of Conservative David Cameron praising convicted paedophile Common Purpose member Matthew Byrne? ( just ask . . . ) Is Conservative Cameron not aware of Common Purpose in the highest echelons of his Cabinet Office ? Has Labour Sarah Champion publicly declared her association with Common Purpose ? Has RMBC declared how they dismantled Risky Business ? Has Eric Pickles been told about any associations between the appointed Commissioners and Common Purpose ? Why have the Government-sponsored reports of Jay and Casey completely neglected to mention Common Purpose, despite the errant public servants being Common Purpose members ? Does the public know that the government-appointed judge for the Inquiry was rated 64 out of 64 in New Zealand ? When will the cover-ups stop ? Meanwhile, what about Sheffield .. ?



    Bradford, Manchester, Telford, Birmingham, Bristol, Rochdale, Dewsby, Peterborough, Derby, Leicester, Oxford and Middlesborough.

    If Cameron or Champion or the silent MPs for those towns want something done then one of the obvious first steps would be having a Jay style report into the councils in each of those towns and the local police forces.

    Indeed if Cameron wanted something done he could have ordered it himself in 2012 when The Times first broke the story.


    • But you forget, Dave was more interested in reducing the deficit than protecting thousands of children. The only reason he’s getting interested in CSE is because some cheap publicity for the election. Think of the cost of hosting this event and the money could be used for other things.


  6. I see Ms Champion is complaining about getting extra money and that what’s been offered is a drop in the ocean . Yes it is a disaster that her, along with her fellow chums in her party, social services, SYP and the rest of the Liberal, Political Correct, Multi-Cultrual elite, allow a situation to develope whereby a council was found to be unfit and thousands of little white girls were left to be rape and abused, by her Pakistani so called friends, for a few votes.

    Perhaps a solution for resolving this mess is that the ones who cause it in the first place, should dip their hands in their pockets, instead of the good, law abiding citizens of Rotherham having to pick up the tab.

    I see Healey made an intervention in the debate about resources, funny he’s been very quiet about the subject, perhaps he sees it as an election vote winner.


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