News Saturday 28 February

Rotherham councillor’s retirement ‘not linked’ to critical child sex report

Webcast of RMBC Commissars meeting yesterday up soon here

Yorkshire rail passengers promised better trains – after civil servant tries to block them

Sarah Champion

On becoming Rotherham’s first female MP and working ‘like a dog’

On her visit to Downing Street

Odd goings on on Any Questions last night

Ukip MEP David Coburn Got Slow Hand-Clapped So Called BBC Audience Names

All spotted for us by RR

19 thoughts on “News Saturday 28 February

  1. Coburn seemed to be making an entirely reasonable point when the slow hand clap started – a register of brown field sites. At least he showed a grasp of reality, more than you can say for the leader of the Greens, who put up such a humiliatingly shambolic showing on LBC the other day. Coburn’s jibe at the audience came over as fair comment.


  2. “the audience had just got tired of Coburn’s shouty nonsence. I can’t blame them.”

    Shouty or otherwise what’s the objection to the very sensible notion that immigration/border control and house-building/infra-structure planning must go hand in hand?

    As for the BBC audience Bristol University is replete with the sons and daughters of the well heeled upper-middle-classes. often of fashionable liberal left persuasion they don’t care about places like Rotherham and its victims.

    This has a ring of truth about it

    “Many of these people sitting around here, all very nice bourgeois Greens and whatever and so on and so forth, what about the working man? How can he afford a house if he is competing with open door immigration?”

    Orwell once said that the middle class didn’t like the working class, but knew that they needed them; they no longer believe they do in the era of the Polish plumber, the Latvian nanny and so forth; only the snobbery remains. How else is the indifference to the Rotherham phenomena, the complete lack of outrage/demand for justice, and the toxic politically correct outgrowth to be explained?

    “The worst of times, the best of times:”

    Your literary reference hardly serves your purpose – Bennett has decapitated her Party electorally with her extraordinary ignorance and ineptitude. This is the kind of comedy gold that gets played over and over and over.


  3. “Bristol University is replete with the sons and daughters of the well heeled upper-middle-classes. often of fashionable liberal left persuasion “.
    Of course, you are spot on, the Upper Middle Classes are notorious Leftys.
    It was certainly once considered elitist, with a relatively high proportion of students from fee-paying schools. But I thought that had all changed some years back:
    Current admissions policy:
    I’ll check – with someone I know and who actually knows the current character of UK’s HE establishments. .
    Perhaps you don’t know Coburn’s own background?
    “David Coburn (born 11 February 1959) is a Member of the European Parliament for the Scotland region for the UK Independence Party. He was elected in 2014.[1]
    He was educated at the High School of Glasgow, and studied law at the University of Leeds, which he failed.[2] He previously worked as an art dealer and City trader before entering his current job as the owner of a freight company.[2]
    Coburn contested the seat of Old Bexley and Sidcup in 2010, winning 1,532 votes which put him in fifth place. He also stood in Bexley and Bromley in the 2012 London Assembly election, finishing fourth. He lives in London.[3][4]” etc etc.
    He allegedly lives in Kensington, London – its a nice part of town.


  4. Dalton has finally gone now and it had nothing to do with the child sex scandal, pull the other one. As for her ludicrous assertions about making improvements in the Taxi Licensing dept, which were recognised by the Casey report, she truly is living in a parellel dimension. They wouldn’t be bringing in a commissioner for Licensing if that dept was up to standards.

    Says she will have more time for her other activities, no doubt fleecing dumb professionals with her Gangs and Grooming business, the woman has no shame.


  5. Quite right, Judy Dalton is brazen and shameless, she has been behind stupid spending schemes that have left the ratepayers of Anston with a heavy burden. She shows no knowledge of clear thinking rather just grabs an idea out of the ether and faffs around to make a case irrespective of cost. So she is retiring from pubic life therefore that will include Anston Parish Council, good riddance to this drone. She has been a disgrace and the same goes for the person who spun this letter/article for her. The Truth- A Foreign Land.


  6. Ho Ho Ho, Ha Ha Ha, Split my sides laughing, Dalton retiring my Ar*e.
    Dalton is going because she has not been reselected by the party.
    Nothing to do with the Cassey report, which showed quite clearly she was not up to the job (5 years to implement “the reforms”).
    Nothing to do with the fact she was involved in a web site with the title “gangs and grooming”, which was a company “inside” her Folk music company, with her home address.
    Nothing to do with the investigation she is under for a complaint, which implies she took part in meeting in which a close friend of hers received £500.
    Nothing to do with the complaint against her for not declaring her Interests in the “gangs and Grooming”.
    Nothing to do with the fact that she has lied to the Standards Committee in a statement to a Sub Committee hearing.
    And finally nothing to do with the complaint that was made against her for conspiring with other Labour Cllrs to fabricate a complaint against an Independent Cllr.
    Cllr Dalton is just another Anston Parish Cllr, in a long line of Labour Cllrs, who are now totally discredited ( including Beck, Burton, St John and Stonebridge.). She shows her contempt for the Public who pay her, by “hanging” on till May. She should go now
    She has jumped before she was pushed.
    No one in Anston believes anything she says any more .


  7. @rr
    The video clip has got everything to do with Dalton (But don’t tell the Monitoring Officer, it ‘is not relevant’)

    Dalton’s record speaks for itself: Four years as a councillor, four years as a failure.


    • Colin – In Referring to Dalton’s record – 4 years a failure surely this is in respect of her as a Borough Councillor – How could we forget the c25 years she has been a Labour stooge on Anston Parish Council and look at her record there. Badly thought out schemes. Profligacy with Anston ratepayer’s money on her hair brained proposals, taken up by the other Labour drones – It hasn’t mattered to this drone she lives in Dinnington. She has been an utter and absolute disgrace.


  8. RR – Please do you mind..! They are not The Anston Daltons – They live in Dinnington and from now on let us hope they stay there. I believe the video is from their Gangs & Grooming business.


  9. It is amazing how two councillors who were in positions within RMBC that came under scrutiny in two reports, have suddenly decided to retire in May, one being Dalton and the other being Havenhand. Both of them, because of their past history, are toxic to the Labour party, it is more likely they have been given the opportunity to announce their retirement rather than it being announced that they had been deselected. There is no way that Labour could have allowed these two to stand, and there are a lot more like them; wonder where Labour will get their replacements from.
    Dave Smith


  10. Not only did Dalton fail to declare her interest in gangs and grooming to the failed Monitoring Officer she also failed to declare her interest in ‘Skate 25’ (The proposed skatepark in Anston) She is chair of this scheme and never said a word at the Parish meeting when her Labour buddies-at her suggestion-voted to bung £500 to Skatepark 25.
    She is IMV guilty of malfeasance:(n. intentionally doing something either legally or morally wrong which one had no right to do. It always involves dishonesty, illegality, or knowingly exceeding authority for improper reasons)


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