Sandwell – More problems for Labour

Breaking news: Under-fire Sandwell Council deputy leader resigns

UNDER-FIRE deputy leader of Sandwell Council Councillor Mahboob Hussain has resigned his cabinet position.

After months of withstanding pressure the Oldbury councillor, who has been the subject of a police investigation since September concerning land sales, has bit the bullet tonight.

Thanks to our spotter for this interesting story.

Halesowen 28_02_2015

8 thoughts on “Sandwell – More problems for Labour

  1. Familiar theme, forgot to register his business interests in a Taxi firm, which subsequently secured a contract with the council, Sold council property to his son, no doubt at a mark down price. Is there truly no ethnic’s with these Pakistani councillors, once they’ve wormed their way onto a council.


  2. Rothpol, what is this doing on Rothpol?
    The link does not lead to any of the allegations that the above annoymouse is making. (who I might assume is your “spotter” for the story. ) . and I’m sure that neither I nor Caven would misspell “ethics” as “ethnic’s”.
    Here in Rotherham we have far more to be concerned with than the sale of the once public toilets in Swallownest I would have thought – but if you ask nicely I’ll look into it for you.
    This earlier Sandwell story did at least have a Rotherham connection:


    • Sandwell and Rotherham have been linked since the days of the Anti-Poverty forum and Steel Action! They are linked to this day!
      I do not think you have it right there, anonymous is not the source of the link but is maybe trying to tell us something if in rather inelegant language.


      • CSE in Sandwell and Rotherham also appear to follow the same pattern; the difference apparently being that Andrew Norfolk got hold of the relevant files in Rotherham but those in Sandwell remain under wraps

        “A report to Sandwell Safeguarding Children Board (SSCB) last year drew on an official West Midlands Police ‘profile’ – an in-depth intelligence-based report on Child Sexual Exploitation which revealed how the Asian gangs were targeting white girls with on-street grooming.

        The force produced the report in 2012, with a sanitised version given to safeguarding boards in the region. Neither the original report nor the sanitised version were placed in the public domain.”

        Sanitised! Now why would they want to do that?


    • @RR being a little petty about a spelling mistake here, shouldn’t you be more concern about the allegations being made againist these councillors and the common theme of misconduct in public office by our Pakistani friends. It’s a similar theme which has been percolating around Rotherham for ages.

      I know the old motto is innocent until proven guilty , but the circumstantial evidence is building that we have a currupt foreign political system, imported by your friends which is doing harm to local democracy.


  3. The other Deputy Leader Steve Eling was at least an employee of Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council in 2012, see
    His latest one here:
    What does this man do? How long has it been going on for? How much do we pay him? Those are just some of the questions, Rothpol would like an answer to!


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