Ukip’s getting very excited!

Ukip’s getting very excited about a poll result. That might be a mistake…

It’s not very hard to get a pollster to tell you what you want to hear….html

this isn’t bad either

No major party has a plausible plan to cut immigration. They should stop pretending

By making impossible pledges David Cameron and Ed Miliband have abdicated their political responsibility to take on the racists of Ukip

Is the telegraph trying to get it’s reputation back ???


13 thoughts on “Ukip’s getting very excited!

  1. I do not have a racist bone in my body ! I am voting UKIP , after the corrupt Labour lot . How dare you call UKIP voters racist ? political responsibility to take on the racists of Ukip !! .


    • lizzie calm down, calm down.
      it was the sub-head on the Telegraph article. Maybe it was written by Dan Hodges the author of the article, but more likely it was written by a Telegraph sub-editor.
      My approval was for the overall content of the article – which I had read and which nowhere contains the word you are objecting to.
      I’m not in the name-calling business. It adds nothing to a debate on party policies.
      Can one even have a racist bone? A racist thought or attitude – certainly, but a bone?.
      I have a couple of ribs that could well be racist after what happened to them once, but I don’t know any way of asking them.


      • Maybe it would help RR if you define / tell us what “RACIST” actually is ….Because a racist certainly is not someone who does not go with the flow .. ie vote anything but labour ..but what I do know is is a word that is thrown around too easily when people do not have a valid point to add …in the belief that it should end the argument / debate at once . So come on RR tell us all how you define “RACIST” …. I bet I have a different meaning . Knee jerk enough for you ?.


      • Does this help? It’s pretty definitive:

        1st Time User, For what it’s worth I didn’t spot anywhere that Regular Reader had posted the word “racist” on this thread before Lizzie did. As stated, it was the sub headline on the Telegraph piece, you can’t blame regular Reader for something printed in a national newspaper. In my experience, shooting from the hip is probably not the best way to get someone else to engage in a meaningful discussion with you.


      • I was referring to this ” Can one even have a racist bone? A racist thought or attitude – certainly, but a bone?.” RR asked the question .. I merely pointed out that to answer the question I would have to know what RR means by …racist … And as for engaging in meaningful conversation … not a chance from RR unless your a labour fan ….RR is the most anti UKIP poster on these pages and pulls them down at every available opportunity …not to mention the obsessive fascination with correct grammar and spelling so much so even correcting own posts…. Meaningful discussion never … LOL.


      • Well maybe you should ask Lizzie, she was the one who brought racist bones into the equation, RR just asked if it was possible to have one, I think it was intended as a joke.

        With regards to talking to RR, all I can say is that I’ve never had any problems having discussions with him (I assume it’s a him, we’ve never met) or anyone else on the site, and I’m no lover of the Labour Party. We debate, we agree on some things and disagree on others, but are always respectful towards one another. Perhaps that’s the key?


  2. Ukip were around rotherham yesterday, a big purple bus, and lots of people delivering leaflets, one I spoke to said that he was from Leeds and he and others were joining in to help deliver ukips messege.


    • Thanks for that JEan. At last they were able to come to Rotherham and democratically hand out leaflets etc instead of being mobbed by Labour/Communist thugs. What a nice change.


  3. R. Wilde,
    As best as I know I am an “he”. 🙂
    I could possibly have handled all this better, but as far as I was concerned iTU was just derailing the discussion, and taking it far away from those articles by Dan Hodges. Looking it now, it seems to have succeeded.
    … following on from our earlier discussion on polling , I think that you would find the first of the two articles above very very interesting – UKIP is possibly not the only party that uses privately funded polls.
    Back when I first started commenting on this Blog, it was due to my intense dislike of my local MP, Sir Barron; along with my realisation that there was a massive democratic deficit in Rotherham and disgust at the behaviour of the Labour Councillors I met when I got involved in fighting some plans that they had that would impact negatively my local community.( I only moved to Rotherham when I retired.) .
    The definition of “racism” that you linked to, is one I would accept as valid.
    … thanks for your support! It gets hard to comment on here sometimes.
    … and do read that article on the Alan Bown funded poll. I learnt a lot from it. .


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