Five Live Monday 2 March – not to be missed

BBC Radio 5 Live 2 March, sorry I missed this until I checked my twitter.

No one should miss this especially if you are affected.

Click link below to listen:

Thanks to Nick Garnett of the BBC this was compelling listening and a credit to the BBC.

3 thoughts on “Five Live Monday 2 March – not to be missed

  1. I think the Asian lady hit it on the head, they all knew it was happening, they all knew it was big and they all turn the other way to avoid dealing with it.


    • Apparently though it’s mainly down to white British society and the parents, on whom it reflects badly it seems

      “Akbar Khan, chairman of Building Bridges, a Luton project that promotes racial harmony and integration, suggested white British society needed to examine its own “liberal values” and “very lax attitudes to underage sex”.

      Parents who failed to act as role models for their children were “equally if not more responsible” for the harm caused to vulnerable young teenagers by grooming gangs. “Religion should not be dragged into this. I condemn the criminals responsible but their actions should not be seen as a reflection of the whole community.”

      But it doesn’t reflect on his religion or community obviously, glad we’ve cleared that up.

      Takes blame the victims to a whole new level


      • But that’s what they have been doing all the time , even worse the Police and Social Services and Councils have been doing the same.


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