A couple Advertiser stories to whet your appetite

The Rotherham Advertiser is out tomorrow, make sure you get yours:

Ex-miners to mark strike anniversary

Posted On: 05 March 2015

MEMORIES will be flooding back tomorrow as miners, families and supporters will be on the march again to mark the 30th anniversary of the end of the 1984-85 miners’ strike.



Rotherham Borough Council’s new budget

Posted On: 05 March 2015

A POT of £840,000 will help children’s services hire extra social workers under Rotherham Borough Council’s new budget, approved this week


22 thoughts on “A couple Advertiser stories to whet your appetite

  1. “…..miners, families and supporters will be on the march again to mark the 30th anniversary of the end of the 1984-85 miners’ strike.”

    Says it all – people will march for something that happened 30 years ago, but when there is injustice and inaction in THE PRESENT regarding the exploitation of children there is not a single demonstration, sit-in or demand for action to be found.

    Really – what a sick, sick head-in-the-sand repressed society Britain has become – exemplified by the people of South Yorkshire.


      • And what would those same miner’s say, knowing that their Daughters and grand daughters, were brutally raped, by Pakistani’s and the party they help build deserted them. Would they say the fight was in vain, afterall this same party was created to protect them and their families.

        Most of them are probably dead by now, but there’ll be turning in their graves at what Rotherham has become. If any Cllrs, Union officials, MP’s or Labour Party members are on that march, they should hang their heads in shame.


  2. I posted this on another thread but its probably more appropriate here.

    Are you Paul Gooding by any chance?

    Only guessing but judging by your vitriolic, contemptuous and hate filled approach coupled with your approval of direct action, if you’re not Paul Gooding, then you a pretty good image of him.

    Oh and by the way, if Rotherham is a cesspit, its because its been turned into one by a mixture of corrupt officials, abusers from the Pakistani community AND right wing nut jobs who are using Rotherham as an excuse to fuel their hatred and desire for unrest.

    Thanks very much but you can go away, we don’t need your approach in our town.

    The B.


    • TB, who is Paul Gooding?
      Isn’t it enough that the guy calling himself “Paul Wilson” talks a load of nonsense?


    • What a load of crap Badger. Rotherham is a complete cesspit because of the tribal voting of “Labour at any cost”. It is not the fault of anyone else other than the Scum Labour which has infested RMBC for decades.


      • Thank you for your reasoned argument (!). I’m glad you agree with me that Labour has some blame (as I said, corrupt officials).

        So you don’t feel that the rapists and abusers, the right wing hate merchants who have come to our town, or the Pakistani heritage community who have covered up the heinous crimes have even part of the blame?

        I am no lover of the labour party in Rotherham (read some of my posts) but to just blame them in isolation is perhaps being blinkered.

        Having a hate filled person with a criminal record who has no interest in Rotherham other than to cause discord becoming a candidate for MP will do us no good whatsoever.


  3. Millions of tons of coal are beneath our feet, clean burn technology could have made that strategic fuel reserve a credible alternative to being dependent on Russian fossil fuels.

    Just maybe over 30 years ago the real enemy within was Thatcher whose policies and hate of the miners leave us all dependent on Putin to keep the lights glowing across Europe.

    The miners pride in the return to work was no more evident than in the march on Flanderwell Land Sunnyside, heads held high, banners flying and the sound of brass.


      • Wilson closed mines in agreement with the miners when the pits were exhausted or for geological reasons. Thatcher shut them for political spite and to smash the unions.


    • “clean burn technology could have made that strategic fuel reserve a credible alternative to being dependent on Russian fossil fuels.”
      I agree, but has any”clean burn technology ” ever got past an initial trial stage anywhere in the world?
      Are any trials still taking place in UK? I had thought that all our privatised energy companies had pulled out of them.


  4. 40% of the nation’s electricity is generated by coal fired power stations, 50 millions tones of coal is imported each year from predominately Russia and Columbia to feed these power stations.

    Thatcher has left the UK exposed to the risk of Russia stopping the supply of coal.


    • Everyone loves to blame Margeret Thatcher for the state of the country even 25 years since she was in power.

      There have been 4 Prime Ministers since she left office, any one of them (including the 2 Labour PM’s) could have changed the situation regarding the coal industry, stopped coal imports and reversed the closing of British mines. None of them did, some of the last few pits still closed even under a labour Government (around 20 pits under Blair/Brown I believe).

      The truth is an economic one, yes we have massive reserves of coal in our country but the fact remains it is still cheaper to import foreign coal than it is to mine it in this country.

      I find it incredibly biased thinking when a Labour Government under Wilson closed mines it was because they were exhausted or for geographical reasons but when its under the Tory Government under Thatcher it was because she was spiteful.

      I guess your view on why pits were closed depends on your political view.


      • Like almost everything else in this country (steel, shipbuilding, cars, motorcycles, railways, even computers), the coal industry was starved of investment. Thatcher pursued her anti-British industry agenda for the length of her premiership, and destroying something is always easier, quicker and cheaper, than building or renewing something. So it was never that simple that Labour could simply reverse the Tory vandalism – they had ensured it would be prohibitively expensive to do so.

        There is so much evidence that the Tories intended to smash our mining industry as revenge for the 1972 & 74 pit strikes. They – she – was not being spiteful, but she WAS being ideological – and as usual, the ruling class are always more effective (and better resourced) at standing up for their class interest than we have ever been. The Tories have made our country unique in not caring who owns our key industries – you can just imagine the French letting us own their water, electricity and transport systems.


      • …and then there was her deregulation of the Financial Markets in 1986, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Big_Bang_(financial_markets)
        ” In 2010, Nigel Lawson, Thatcher’s Chancellor at the time, appeared on the Analysis program to discuss banking reform, explaining that the 2007–2012 global financial crisis was an unintended consequence of the “Big Bang” “.
        Changes to banking regulation in the US (the partial repeal of Glass-Segal ) were another contributor to the international chaos that occurred; but as far as the UK is concerned, Lawson was absolutely spot on.
        … and our daily lives are still blighted by the consequence of that purely ideological decision of Thatcher, influenced only by Chicago School free marketeers she gathered round her.
        (Lawson was a pretty good Chancellor of the Exchequer, IMHO).


  5. What an idiot the so called ‘man’ Paul Goulding is – and I use the term ‘man’ glibly. And has for his brainless supporters (booted and suited with idiotic smiles) there wasn’t a brain cell among them. If I had been in paying my Council Tax on that day I would have marched them off the premises myself. It was nothing more than bullying.

    Message to Mr Goulding and his ‘cronies’ – some of use try to work for and achieve justice – your thuggery does nothing but massage your idiotic egos and does nothing for the cause or the victims. You made yourself look small – not big – by bullying staff (and the public) in Gestapo style. You are beneath contempt.

    As for marking the miners strike the best way is to get a full scale Inquiry into Orgreave and more and I won’t rest until one happens. It may be thirty years but justice and the truth must be seen to be done. The destruction of our communities by Thatcher should not be forgotten. The fight goes on.

    SKT xxxx

    PS: The term ‘gob on a stick’ doesn’t describe him well enough. ‘Mindless Thug’ is more apt. (And I am being polite)


    • Sal,
      It is totally inappropriate to describe Paul Golding as a gob on a stick, it has to be reserved for people like James Dellinpole and Owen Jones, who are articulate, literate and never stop talking.


  6. Do you think maybe in 30 years.. that the the cse problem will have been resolved ?….will the victims have seen justice ? … You cannot change history … If people put as much effort into trying to put right todays problems .. they could change tomorrows history today . It serves no purpose whatsoever stirring up old emotions from 30 years ago . You fight the fight Sally ..do not rest until you get what you want …But what will a full scale Inquiry produce ? an apology …monetary compensation …will these put right the past ? Its a shame really .. I know people who were not around at the time of the miners strike who vote labour as a kick in the teeth to thatcher because of what they hear other people mention about events of 30 years ago and they could not point the woman out in an id parade….. If they voted on todays events maybe Rotherham would see a change .


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