Rotherham Labour selection news

The Wath result comes as no surprise, Jane Elliot was selected.

There has been a surprise at Hoober though, when none of those shortlisted actually turned up! This leaves Hoober Labour Party, still in need of a candidate? Oh dear!

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8 thoughts on “Rotherham Labour selection news

  1. I wonder when these perspective councillors, knock on people doors with their cronies , and ask people to vote for them, claiming that they would represent these potential voters interests, do they do it with a straight face. On the other side of this door, what do theses voters actually think about these same people or would tell them what to do. Not printable.


  2. Beck got Wales – only one candidate – no choice then! Wonder how regional labour part officials square passing him as ‘suitable’ when he had to resign from the cabinet which Stone appointed him to? And the band plays on ……. In Rotherham anyway


  3. Beck (the boy wonder) got Wales – one candidate – no choice. Wonder how regional labour party officials square endorsing Beck as ‘suitable’ when he had to resign from the cabinet which Stone personally appointed him! The band plays on ……. In Rotherham anyway.


  4. Beck (the boy wonder) got Wales! One candidate – no choice, I wonder how regional labour party officials square endorsing as ‘suitable’ someone who had to resign from the cabinet to which Stone appointed him? The band plays on…….. at least in Rotherham!


    • Suitable? You mean someone who was a cabinet member of a council that was declared as inept and not fit for purpose? He’s definitely not suitable but what choice have Labour got?

      Somehow I doubt if the voters of Wales will see it that way and I can see Beck being voted back in.


      • Wales is an interesting Ward it used to be Tory territory until the Tory candidate against Beck had the misfortune to get herself arrested during the campaign! That is how Dominic Beck was elected last time.

        I rather think, the voters of Wales Ward will not make the same mistake again, but perhaps with UKIP coming out on top this year?


  5. This shows the depths of despair of the Labour party. Nominated candidates for the Hoober ward could not be bothered to attend the final selection process and Wales ward sticks with a tried and tested failure on the premise there is no alternative candidate who is willing to stick his/her head above the paprapet.
    Vote Labour. Get failure.


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