Express – Some clarification

but there is this

Like everything found in the Express,  this article really can’t be trusted for accuracy – better to read the original docs.

I particularly like the sentence that says ” In Rotherham, Baroness Jay QC found that police and social workers failed to act against Asian grooming gangs because they feared being viewed as “racist”.

1. Baroness Jay of Paddington is a PC (Privy Councillor) not a QC (Queen’s Council) – her background is in media not law,_Baroness_Jay_of_Paddington

2. They intended to refer to Professor Alexis Jay

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2 thoughts on “Express – Some clarification

  1. Thank you RR for the Margaret / Alexis clarification. We lesser mortals would be lost without your pedantry. However, your claim that nothing in the Express can be regarded as accurate is surely a bit strong, taking in, as I must conclude it does, football and racing results?


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