Look what they’ve done to our Jane

Ms Jane Collins PPC Rotherham has a new facebook page https://www.facebook.com/pages/Jane-Collins/1618517411713104

but they have given it a rather distorted image of her to head the page.

cover 1

She really looks much more elegant in the photographs she has on her flickr site https://www.flickr.com/photos/130275192@N03/. such as this one – which is copyright, but I hope she won’t mind it appearing here. .

 for facebook

My guess is that it wasn’t done on purpose by one of her many hard working helpers, but that they just didn’t know the guidelines for a Facebook cover photo, which are: ” If you would like the best looking cover photo, please upload an JPG file that’s 851 pixels wide, 315 pixels tall and less than 100 kilobytes. If it has a color profile, it should be sRGB” . The Jpeg they did load was 720 pixels wide by 405 pixels tall…

Incompetence rather than malevolence. 

Perhaps Caven could explain this to her helpers.




10 thoughts on “Look what they’ve done to our Jane

  1. FFS … How long your days must be… trawling around for things to complain about . Honestly RR I like reading some of your posts.. you come across as quite intelligent .. but surly you must have better to offer than this .


    • That took me 5 minutes, plus the time it took to email it to rik. Photography is my main post-retirement interest, and outside the world of this blog, I do write elsewhere about the technical aspects of digital photography. (my masters was in Computer Science -which helps). Almost all of today and yesterday I was in the the woods of South Rotherham recording the emergence of new plant growth and the emergence of over-wintering insects.
      As we try to tell our children: never assume you know anything about anybody you meet on the web. It is very good advice.


    • Robin , that is really cruel! She is the innocent party in this UKIP screw up.

      In all honesty I just don’t think she has had any involvement in any aspect of her Rotherham (or is in Rotherham Central) parliamentary election campaign. It is though she is just the equivalent of a shop window dummy fronting was appears to be not a very competent local UKIP PR campaign.
      How could they not have seen that they had managed to totally distorted that image? It is shameful incompetence.


      • They are trying to make a Cinderella out of an ugly stepsister. They can hair- brush her all they want, but they’ll never succeed!


  2. That post really is pathetic in the current climate. Surely there are more pressing matters that warrant discussion rather than the resolution of an image. What next ……?Sarah Champion and a discussion on whether her hair does indeed resemble a Badger. Ridiculous


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