News Sunday 8 March 2015

From the Express, spotted for us by Hiliary:

EXCLUSIVE: Groomers’ victims failed by system as Glasgow exposes Rotherham-style gangs

A REPORT into Rotherham-style grooming gangs in Glasgow exposed a catalogue of concerns about police, council and NHS managers.

4 thoughts on “News Sunday 8 March 2015

  1. Hi Rik, Do you know anything about their alleged London correspondent says he is doing a report on Jay and Casey reports. He is coming to Rotherham later this month and wants an interview. Any thoughts?  Cheers  Naveen 

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  2. Couple of years ago the Express ran a story claiming that 2 West Scotland rings had been “smashed” no less


    “Further details cannot be disclosed for legal reasons as the cases are still to come to court, however the investigations contain chilling echoes of high- profile prosecutions south of the Border.”

    Well according to the latest Express report there doesn’t seem to have been a great deal of smashing done thus far in terms of prosecutions, nearly 2 years later

    “Police Scotland said yesterday that Operation Dash ended last month(FEB) after almost two years, with 27 offenders reported to the Crown Office. One culprit, 20-year-old Afghan asylum seeker Javaid Akhond, has already been jailed for six years for preying on young girls.”

    This repeats the depressing Rotherham catalogue, and indeed the various cases listed in Andrew Norfolk’s initial investigation published 5th Jan 2011 most of which produced a dismal return in terms of convictions.

    I would expect it’s pretty safe to say that the same litany of systemic institutional failure exists North of the Border as it does South.

    Wouldn’t be suprised if they were even more steeped in pc, if the closure of Operation Gadher is anything to go by.

    “I shall be seeking reassurance from the minister as to why [Operation Gadher] was wound up and I would hope the police can reflect on whether this was the right decision or not.” – Margaret Smith, Liberal Democrats’ justice spokeswoman

    Story in full THE Scottish Executive has rejected calls for an inquiry into the racially-motivated murder of a 15-year-old boy six months after police abandoned an operation to tackle the problem of Asian street gangs.

    Operation Gadher, set up to tackle the growth of Asian gang culture in the South Side of Glasgow, was dropped at the end of last year because it was not deemed politically correct.”

    Calls for enquiry rejected, there’s a suprise


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