Roger Stone to appear before CLG Committee

Former Rotherham Council leader to appear before CLG Committee

The Committee will be holding a sixth evidence session for its inquiry into child sexual exploitation in Rotherham on Tuesday 10 March at 4.15pm with evidence from Roger Stone, former Leader of Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council.


Tuesday 10 March 2015, Committee Room 15, Palace of Westminster

At 4.15pm

  • Roger Stone, Former Leader, Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council


Mr Stone became Leader of Rotherham Council in 2003. He stood down as Leader following the publication of the Jay Report into sexual exploitation of children in Rotherham in August 2014.

In September the Committee launched its own inquiry into the findings of the and it’s chairman, local MP  Jay Report to examine number of issues relating to local government. The initial conclusions of this inquiry were published in the Committee’s Third Report of Session 2014-15, ‘Child sexual exploitation in Rotherham: some issues for local government’, on 18 November.

An opportunity for the Committee and It’s Chairman, local MP Clive Betts, to get at the truth and do their duty by the people. Unless, of course, they chose to simply grandstand.

The link to this session on Parliament TV will be published once we have it.

15 thoughts on “Roger Stone to appear before CLG Committee

  1. If Rotherham has not been shamed enough, now we have this bumbling, incoherent individual being allowed out in public, give me strength.


  2. I can’t wait to hear what he has to say (or not say).

    Although I would have much preferred him being questioned by Vaz than by Betts!


  3. Will the Committee also examine the influence, interest and control exerted by Common Purpose graduates, members, supporters and sponsors ?


    • Well the committee has had plenty of time to plan their questionening, knowing how important this subject is. That Rochdale MP is on this panel, he’ll make him squirm.


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