4 thoughts on “Perhaps UKIP Rotherham think today is Tuesday (and Jane shares it on her Facebook site)

  1. Picking on a little mistake like this and the photograph of Collins is a bit weak from you RR.

    Having enjoyed reading your posts which more often than not make some good points (even though I don’t always agree with them) its a bit below you to pick on little errors. Its not exactly the same as getting the figures in a budget proposal wrong is it or lying about something they’ve said?

    So they got the date wrong, facebook, twitter and blogs like this are full of such mistakes. You’ve made them and I’ve made them, its hardly the most important thing is it?

    The B.


  2. So we’ve established RR is a petty-minded prat. …….please now let’s return to some useful dialogue and give Ukip a chance to oust Labour as sitting MPs and from RMBC.


    • We have been living with our not fit for purpose Councillors, Council Officers and Police, for a very long time indeed. Please allow a little humour to intrude, every now and again please.


  3. Probably a bit unfair to call RR a petty minded prat. The point I was making was that when it comes to those who want to rule our lives by aspiring to public office, there has to be more important things to be picking apart than a photograph not being aligned properly or a date being wrong on a facebook page.

    As for humour Rothpol, sometimes its difficult to know when people are being serious or humorous, any chance we can have a humour warning notice on posts please?

    The B.


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