more awards for Andrew Norfolk

Andrew Norfolk’s investigation into the sex grooming of girls by gangs in Rotherham won him the News Reporter of the Year title, and also the Cudlipp Award.

and  Breitbart has to put its own  spin on it.

10 thoughts on “more awards for Andrew Norfolk

  1. Well done and greatly deserved for this outstanding piece of journalism, which has not onlly exposed one of the greatest scandals of our time , but also exposed those institutions which we have formerly rely on, but now find out we’re not there to serve the interests of the people, but their own warped political agenda.

    It’s one thing to expose a minor celebrity or a pompious politican, but a collection of government agencies, whom we the public had entrusted our safety and well being to. Only to show that not only were they incompetant , but they didn’t give a damn and went to extraordinary lengths to cover up what they did.

    Even worse there were those, like Libby Brooks and Sue Berelowitz , who constantly denie that these heinious crimes were being committed by Pakistani, Muslim men, when the the evidence was overwhelming, due to some misguided notion of political correctness about Racism. Well they have been proved wrong and Andrew Northfolk has been proved right.

    Because of his outstanding and corageious work , he’s engendered a spirit of awakening in our national and local press, to probe deeper into these issues, without fear of upsetting our once all powerful Liberal elite, who have be shown for the shallow fools they were.

    He’s now forced these fools to actually to their jobs, but even better it is them who are now being scrutinise and found wanting. As a result they are now doing the jobs, they were being paid a considerable healthy wage for. Also knowing we the public, will not put up with any more of their excuses.

    It was too late for thousands of victims of these crimes, but at least it’s out in the open and many more now have a chance of being saved from this depravity.

    It takes one person to stand up and be counted, Andrew Norfolk was that person and we the public shall be internally grateful to him, for the rest of our life’s.


    • This blogger puts the probable total of victims in the region of 100,000. That seems entirely plausible

      “The figure of 100k is credible and here’s why. If there are an estimated 2,000 victims in Rotherham, 400 victims in Oxford, if the Manchester, Halifax, Tyneside enquiries turn out to be as horrific as they promise to be and you add in the fact that these are not the only places that have been afflicted by Islamic Rape Gangs, then the figure of 100k starts to look very believable indeed. Also when you take into consideration that in many of the places where Islamic Rape Gang activity has either been proved or where there is suspicion of it happening, the police and local government ignored or minimised the scale of the problem then there could easily be 100k victims.


      • Which begs the question, why hasn’t the Government order more investigations into CSE , in areas where it has happen, or where there is a Pakistani (Muslim) population or do they already know what the reports would produce.


      • Parsonage, I really had thought better of you!
        …that you often said something worth reading.
        … yet the “article” you are citing here is simply quote-mining from the (I assume US) Four Freedoms website –
        try it – it does take a while to load, but be patient, it’s really worth it.
        Try its “UK room”, where it says:
        “Useful Websites
        English Defence League (NB the authority for EDL statements is their website, not 4F)
        International Civil Liberties Alliance
        Stop Islamisation Of Europe (SIOE) which is also on facebook
        I for one have no interest whatsoever in what you find on such far right utterly and totally nutter blog sites.

        May I politely ask: Have you never heard of


  2. “A regular reader says:
    March 11, 2015 at 8:05 pm
    Parsonage, I really had thought better of you!
    …that you often said something worth reading.”

    I have corresponded with the author of the farenheit 211 blog, he is very far removed from any far right stereo-type; both in terms of his professional career and in terms of religious heritage as well. At a time when, sadly, such qualities are at a premium he is forthright and does not equivocate or spin, he calls a spade a spade.

    I put the quote up because I am pretty sure from my own reading of the materials available – all of which has comprised the trustworthy sources in the public domain – that the figure of 100,000 victims is credible


      • “all of which has comprised the trustworthy sources in the public domain”
        Then why didn’t you cite them instead?”

        We all know by now what the sources are; Jay, Casey, Norfolk, C4,House of Commons Select Committee Reports, Oxford Review etc

        To get some handle on the extent of this some speculative extrapolation is hardly unreasonable.

        Champion has said this

        ““There are hundreds of thousands and I think there could be up to a million victims of exploitation nationwide, including right now. Girls in the process of being groomed,” she said.

        “I have met people from all over the country.

        “If you just think we know at least four big cases each with a couple of thousand each in smallest towns. It’s extraordinary.”


        Now this sounds to me, like the blogger I cited, to be rather OTT. – would you criticize Champion for saying this RR?

        The 100k figure sounds instinctively nearer the truth. Couple of test drillings we’ve got have produced figures of 2000 approx and 400 over the period; one from a medium sized town, the other from a small city, but with by no means large percentages of the relevant demographic.

        CROP, prior to the withdrawal of funding and their change of name, put the figures at 10,000 – that was some years ago now and we obviously know a great deal more about it at present. So really it is a question of a considerably greater order of magnitude.

        Once the extent of the evil epidemic is appreciated then perhaps there is more prospect of some effective action for a change. The Oxford Review urged “the Government to carry out research into why there is a particular problem with child sexual exploitation within the Muslim or Pakistani community in Britain” – Telegraph; so I don’t think accusations of bias are reasonable in the circumstances. If all we knew was Rotherham then sure any such generalisation would be wide open to accusations of bias, justifiably so. But that is simply not the case. And of course we should equally beware of shooting unpopular messengers.


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