Roger Stone – Finally a link that works to his CLG appearance on Tuesday!

A working link at last! Discovered for us by the ever resourceful, RR.

Take special note of those he dumps on, and even more important, who he doesn’t?

4 thoughts on “Roger Stone – Finally a link that works to his CLG appearance on Tuesday!

  1. Thanks to RR for the working link. ” At the end of the day ” , it’s obvious that like most of the councillors, the cabinet were there just to claim their expenses, rather than do anything constructive. “Right” ?


    • “Wrong” I would have thought. The relatively small amounts of money their received were not their sole personal motivations, words like “power”, “influence” etc come to my mind.


    • Every time you watch this man’s testimony , the more you are reminded how skilled our political elite and officer’s at evading answering questions and blaming everybody and their mother’s for the screw up and excluding themselves.

      The range of excuses , it was not CSE but grooming. Task and finish group were the Cabinet member for children’s services and the officers responiability to continue. Too busy doing other’s things, democracy has been taken away, wasn’t a bully, just disagree with some people and had a good working relationship with the rest. OFSTEAD inspections were saying we were heading in the right directions . The police needed more concrete evidence. Wasn’t alerted by the Andrew Northfolk stories that something was amiss, as the professionals were telling him it was ok.

      If that was the caliber of strong leadership, please show me a weak one.


      • This man wasn’t a “strong leader” he was a totalitarian dictator, supported by the lamentable ‘cabinet system’. This removes all form of democracy within the council. It’s time the people of Rotherham demanded that we return to the ‘committee system’ which is far more democratic, that way, ALL elected councillors are able to have an input into the running of the Borough instead of about half a dozen, self important, self serving, corrupt, dishonest Labour “grandees”.


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