UKIP will defend your NHS

UKIP have been distributing this leaflet in Rotherham concerning NHS policy.

Another UKIP leaflet put out by Allen Cowles and Bernard Froggatt.


UKIP 1 12 Mar 2015UKIP 2 12 Mar 2015

19 thoughts on “UKIP will defend your NHS

  1. What a load of twaddle, from the party that will allow the private sector to run the NHS.

    If you thought the Tories could not be trusted with the NHS, this lot are even worse.


    • No, they are not worse, they are just the same. They are Tories in all but name. Any policies they do have – apart from immigration and the EU – are Tory ones.


  2. Why do UKIP keep on having to role out Lord Brockley as Labour’s Lord Brockley,
    This is dear Baron Warner, of Brockley in the London Borough of Lewisham, AKA Nutty Norman.,_Baron_Warner
    hardly a Labour man.
    As it happens Brockley itself is a nice place, and has the best chips in London.

    Interestingly the leaflet also quotes Health Campaigner Kailash Chand OBE
    Dr Chand also warns that “Only Labour can save the NHS”


  3. The EU wants the NHS privatized so the other EU countries can bid on it – same with all the other privatizations.

    All the europhile parties know this.

    So ironically – and I agree it is ironic – Ukip probably are the best defense for the NHS.


    • “The EU wants the NHS privatized so the other EU countries can bid on it – same with all the other privatizations.”
      So funny 🙂


  4. Well done Ukip, for exposing the Labour lie about privatising. PFI’s , outsourcing cleaning contracts and catering, all done by the defender’s of NHS, no other than the Labour Party.


  5. Every GE is the same. Political parties using the NHS as a political football.
    Let’s establish a few facts; The NHS is NOT the ‘envy of the world’ otherwise other countries would adopt the same approach to medical care. The NHS was never designed to deal with persistent drunks and junkies, it was not founded to deal with gastric bands and vanity cosmetic surgery.
    It was founded as the National Health Service not the ‘International Health Service’. The increased pressures and A&E departments-particularly in the evenings and at weekends-can be traced back to Blair’s Golden Handshake contract with GP’s.
    (Patricia Hewitt, the Health Secretary, yesterday admitted that the new employment terms had cost £300 million more than expected – close to a third of the £800-£900 million deficit facing the NHS.
    Who said all medical care should be free? Labour is the party that crippled us with PFI deals and wants to exert direct political control over the NHS. The Tories want to charge for some medical treatments, ditto UKIP and the Lib-Dems want us all to pay more for the NHS.
    None of the parties has the monopoly on truth and wisdom and no party has a magic cure for our health service.
    You ticks your box and makes your choice.


    • Colin,
      You may be surprised, but I largely agree with what you wrote here.
      I just wish that neither health nor education were such political footballs.


      • Not honoured, but maybe satisfied.
        After the two comments above yours, yours was good to read – it was properly grounded in reality and sanity.
        My view:
        At best the NHS is, in terms of the developed world, a model that produces slightly better than average outcomes with less than average costs. (OECD Stats.).
        Whilst I can understand, but not in principle agree with, the use of PFI to take the cost of modernisation of the system off-balance sheet; expecting local NHS trusts to be able to negotiate on equal terms with the outside suppliers was patently absurd. They were children to the slaughter.
        And nothing about the GP contracts makes me happy.
        When I was living/working in Belgium:, my truly excellent local Belgian GP I just paid in cash, and he fitted in with my hours not the other way round. An appointment with my hairdresser cost me more; and again in cash, and I saw him somewhat more regularly. (Most Belgians bank in Luxembourg.).


  6. Rothpol,
    Why has the link “Another UKIP leaflet put out by Allen Cowles and Bernard Froggatt.” been sneaked in at the top of this totally unrelated page and topic hidden away under “Focus on Anston & Woodsetts”
    Car crash Cowles is UKIP PPC for Rother Valley constituency..
    and campaigning in Swallownest on this coming Saturday.
    Any utterance by this fine man, is of interest way beyond Anston and Woodsets, or even Aston-cum-Aughton. and he is after all bravely taking on Kevin the Barron now that .Amjad Bashir has made himself unavailable.
    Mr Cowles needs all the publicity he can get. and he might even get some votes.
    Matbyblogger on the man himself:
    The blogger asks “Points scoring by attempting to make Cowells looking incompetent, or an incite into UKIP’s racist points of view ?”
    UKIP are not racist, but Cowles is just totally deluded when it comes to immigration statistics. (IMHO).


      • Whilst I maybe wrong, I thought that this is the first relating to Alan Cowles campaign, and thus it is significant far beyond Anston and Woodsets.
        But it’s your blog and your choice where you put things. .


    • Titan, I’ve had a look at the actual analysis here:
      I can’t find anything beyond that Executive Summary, it says nothing detailed about how it pulled in the authoritative data from OECD and WHO, nor anything worthwhile about the other data is has “borrowed”.
      I also looked at their earlier updates in 2010 and 2007.
      Whilst it maybe of some use in its prime purpose of highlighting just how much the US system fails its people , it is of no real value beyond that.


  7. “is significant far beyond Anston and Woodsetts”, please don1t belittle our very nice villages. Events at Anston may well be the next thing that will see “changes” to the way RMBC operate. Heads may even roll. Latest thing to come from RMBC is that Mrs Collins is suggesting that the Parish Council may be disbanded. One “not fit for purpose council” trying to wind up another “not fit for purpose Council”, you could not make it up.
    The common thread, BOTH are run by the majority Labour Party group.
    Enough said.


    • But if APC was disbanded, I doubt many in the area it allegedly serves would either notice or care. As you say, there are two ‘not fit for purpose’ councils, so getting rid of one would be a start. There is no need whatsoever for parish councils, and large parts of the country work perfectly well without them, so lets get rid. Waste of money for people with nothing better to do.


  8. An interesting copy of the 38Degrees position on the NHS, which was not widely supported by UKIP here prior to the petition.


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