‘Deaf to the victims’: South Yorkshire Police face full-scale probe on child grooming

‘Deaf to the victims’: South Yorkshire Police face full-scale probe on child grooming – (updated)


Statement by Dr Alan Billings, South Yorkshire PCC:



Inspection of South Yorkshire Police ordered in wake of new child sex abuse revelations in Sheffield

A full-scale inspection of South Yorkshire Police has been ordered in the wake of new damning claims about the force failing to tackle child sexual exploitation in Sheffield.

South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner Dr Alan Billings is in discussions with the Home Office about the scope of the inspection.



8 thoughts on “‘Deaf to the victims’: South Yorkshire Police face full-scale probe on child grooming

    • The moment Billings step into his job, he should’ve order an inquiry into South Yorkshire Police handerling of CSE . Another Johnny come lately, what a bunch of buffoons we have running our life’s.

      In fact the Government should order Ofsted, Jay and Casey type inspections of all of the Yorkshire councils, as it is quite clear that Rotherham wasn’t the only one failing. God only knows how bad it is in Bradford?


  1. Maybe he will look at the evidence people have now. I do state maybe, not sure if the truth will now come out. Lets hope it does.


  2. Could Mr Billings now be alerted to the incidences of adult abuses that are known about and denied with Sheffield, and actively covered up by SYP ?


    • Martin from Brighton,
      He is not “Mr Billings”, he is “Dr Billings” – as he is referred to above, or more correctly he is “Canon Dr Alan Billings”.
      I can’t help thinking that if you had read the articles linked to in the topic header you might have got an answer to your question.

      Why don’t you just go off and find out if he has any links to Common Purpose?


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