6 thoughts on “Exclusive Brethren and their tax breaks

    • TD have you any documentary evidence for your apparently absurd allegations?

      You say “God bless them and their tax breaks!” Can I assume that you supported them in their planning appication to build a school in DInnington’s green belt? (Rothpol passim),


  1. Yes! The practice of Isolation is the norm in Pakistani circles in order not to pick up habits. yes, I did support their school as there were measures in place to lessen any impact on the chosen location. I thought the mood in the area among locals was simple was antichristian and short sighted.


    • So now you are thinking about what happens among some people in rural Pakistan, rather than “most Muslims”, and suggesting that because of their behaviour it is to be accepted when the Exclusive Brethren do it.
      I don’t think you should buy a copy of the Times today, even its Editorial thunders on the Exclusive Brethren cultish sect.
      Brethren in the Spotlight
      A Christian sect took no prisoners in its fight for charitable status. For the sake of the whole voluntary sector, the Charity Commission must stand up to it
      and a very in-depth piece here:
      Inquiry at Christian sect schools that banned books

      . .


  2. Wasn’t Darren Hughes outed as double crossing his own constituents on this one? I am sure this double dealing charlatan would be perfect for a political comeback? Who knows, stranger things have happened!


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