News less local 19 March

far better analysis of the budget than in the MSM:

Britain is going to have 300,000 more immigrants. Here’s why David Cameron should be pleased

The OBR says more migrants are coming — and Britain will be richer as a result

or the Times version:

Liam Edwards denies Sainsbury’s anti-halal sticker campaign was racist

Spotted for us by RR.

2 thoughts on “News less local 19 March

    • Quite true bubble, British capitalism has always been a one trick pony in terms of lack of investment and cheap labour; a trend traceable back to the 19th century.

      And which was also very evident after the second world war when large-scale New Commonwealth immigration propped up industries which were destined to collapse a couple of decades later, leaving behind in areas such as West Yorkshire and East Lancs the toxic legacy that we see today.

      The idea that we will be richer on the basis of growth in headline GDP is risible – and who knows how long that growth will last in any case?

      GDP per capita – which is what counts – is still well below 2008 peak

      And of course fast rising population means that the over-stretched infra-structure gets stretched that much further.

      Still, not to worry; just concentrate on headline GDP, ignore the aggregated debts five times GDP and the fact that the UK hasn’t run a current account surplus for 30 years(large scale disposals of UK assets effectively amount to burning the furniture to keep warm)

      Look to the turnover figure, it worked for RBS!


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