Dr Sonia Sharp fresh problems in Australia!

Ex-Rotherham Council children’s director under review by new Australian bosses


Previously (late December 2014)

Victorian education official Sonia Sharp sidelined over UK sex abuse cases


Labor backs down on pledge to remove education deputy secretary Dr Sonia Sharp


Research provided by Regular Reader

This may well be of interest to readers, Common Purpose – Sharp Practice, available as a .pdf download/read, click here.


Crikey Sonia!

4 thoughts on “Dr Sonia Sharp fresh problems in Australia!

  1. Somehow I don’t think things are getting any better for her:

    “Sonia Sharp – who was director of children’s services in Rotherham between 2005 and 2008 and THEN HELD A SIMILAR POST IN SHEFFIELD FOR FOUR YEARS”

    Oh dear.

    Sonia Sharp:

    “I regret every case of exploitation of vulnerable girls that was not prevented, but feel strongly our collective efforts led to gradual but essential improvements in the situation for many young people.”

    I would imagine 1400+ victims would strongly disagree with that statement.


  2. Well clearly this woman was totally inept at her job in Rotherham and now as we are finding out in Sheffield. she must have thought by legging it to Australia, enough distance and time would’ve been put between the scandals and her past. But has were finding out about Cyril Smith, eventually everything comes out.


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