Grant Shapps – now they’ve got him they are not going to let him go.

If Grant Shapps was made by little green aliens, what’s left?

If Michael Green doesn’t exist, can we be sure that the Tory party chair is who he says he is?

by Stewart Lee

See also: Grant Shapps bites off more than he can chew?

…and just breaking from the Daily Mail

Revealed: Full toe-curling sales pitch used by top Tory Grant Shapps to convince people he could make them ‘filthy, stinking rich’ (for a bargain £130)

  • MP posed as business guru Michael Green to offer keys to making cash
  • Posed for pictures with private plane, luxury cars and six-bed mansion
  • Offered his ‘friends’ a tool kit on how to make a fortune – for $197 a pop

Spotted by Regular Reader

3 thoughts on “Grant Shapps – now they’ve got him they are not going to let him go.

  1. OK, conceded, Shapps looks like a complete conman….but there are conmen in Labour, LibDems etc etc. Exactly how does this petty point scoring benefit the participants of Rotherham Politics? There’s plenty of low – brow crap in the red tops and meanwhile, Rotherham seems to get deeper and deeper in the mire.


    • Sickened, If all one hears about Shapps is correct, .. he is a star of conn-ery.
      But yes what does it have to do with Rotherham – certainly no more that any any scandal involving senior national politicians; and it just happens that over the weekend there were lots of them – with Channel 4 Dispatches tonight at 8 bring much of it together.
      At the same time Rotherham area politics had gone quiet – but I did manage to find a couple from today’s Star.


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