Some mixed polling evidence

Tories and Labour neck and neck as Ukip support slips: Parties level on 35% as backing for Farage falls to lowest level since 2013 on just 10%
Conservatives and Labour neck and neck with 35 per cent each in the polls
Support for UKIP continuing to fall with party now down to just 10 per cent
Budget was success with voters, with Tories having best polls since 2012

and again at :

But YouGov for the Sun looks a bit better for UKIP


16 thoughts on “Some mixed polling evidence

  1. As the election comes closer, and the public looks even closer at what Ukip is offering, they will see it as one man vanity trip. They are the new liberals, protest vote, only their surpport comes from a bunch of wacko’s, expenses fraudsters, Racists and quite frankly a bunch of unintelligent morans who are incapable of thinking of the wider picture apart from immigration.


  2. In no way scientific or statically correct, listening to friends and neighbours, the majority of standing Labour Cllr`s will fall victim to UKIP, while the Rotherham MP will just keep her seat, not long to go now to see if this works out.


    • Anon
      I’d go along with your observation with regard to several RMBC Councillors, for many reasons; but that just doesn’t get forecast or captured in National Polls.
      I am assuming that it is your anecdotal “evidence”, that you are describing as “In no way scientific or statically correct,”. I agree with you.


  3. To structure an alternative evidenced based argument is never a sign of a superiority complex, it really is just so very simple, being able to source a wide range of references to cement your argument will give you a differing view, do give it a try.


    • Couldn’t agree more, but don’t you accept that regular, un-called for put downs are hardly the way to generate and encourage constructive debate?


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