2015 Election Campaign Starts In Earnest!

The election starting pistol is about to be fired simultaneously, for the General Election, Local Borough Council and parish/town council elections.

Three Constituency MPs, twenty one Ward Elections and an enormous number of town/parish council seats all up for grabs, there will be many interesting battles to come, some of which, may make it onto Rotherham Politics.

This blog will publish all election materials that are submitted by Candidates or their Agents that bears an official imprint as all election materials should. This applies to all candidates, from all parties standing for election this May. We can only publish material that is submitted. Rotherham Politics is not biased towards any political party, any appearance is therefore coincidental and due to non co-operation by those whose material is absent.

Material should be .jpg files attached to an email  sent to Rothpol at this address, clivck here.

One observation stands out here, UKIP had no trouble finding suitable candidates from within their current membership, but Labour have had no end of trouble finding theirs. What, no members? Labour are going to have trouble in 2016?

8 thoughts on “2015 Election Campaign Starts In Earnest!

  1. One wonders if the likely proliferation of parties seeking election will be Labour’s best hope of avoiding a disaster on May 7th? A forlorn hope perhaps but maybe they should all consider very carefully if they have a realistic chance of victory in any particular area and only concentrate on viable options rather than simply splitting the opposition vote to no avail. We will see.


  2. Labour have had no trouble finding people willing to stand. It would, however, be fair to say the process has been drawn out more than usual because it’s had to be so rigorous given what has happened in the last twelve months, with the regional and national ECs being involved. It’s provided a good opportunity to remove some – though sadly not all – of the deadwood, which can only be a good thing.


    • The problem being (as I said weeks ago) that what if the best they’ve got is those who had already been elected and found wanting? And just because “certain aggressive councillors” are no longer on the council, and in some cases not even in the Labour party any more, doesn’t mean they don’t still have influence, does it? Recent candidate selections in certain wards suggest that influence is still quite prominent in those parts of town.


  3. It may well be true that “UKIP had no trouble finding suitable candidates from within their current membership” as long as it comes to the Rotherham Council Election. But when it comes to the HoC elections, it’s not so clear that this is the case.
    Assuming my quick check is accurate, then 9 of those standing as PCCs are already members of the European Parliament, (a pattern we have noticed in Rotherham and Wentworth and Dearne constituences.).
    Currently UKIP has 21 MEPs, one is a Lord and therefore cannot stand for the HoC, one was standing as a PCC , with a minimum of 9 of the others standing as PPCs. (according to wikipedia).
    Any current MEP will cease to be an MEP if elected an MP.
    They are replaced by the next on the list for the constituency from their party (as I understand it),
    I wonder if any other party shows this same pattern. Perhaps someone would like to check.


    • whoops, “one was standing as a PCC” should have read “one was standing as a PCC – but stood-down citing “personal reasons”.


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