Consultation – Extending powers of the Local Government Ombudsman

Spotted by Regular Reader who thought readers would be interested:

Extending the remit of the Local Government Ombudsman to larger parish and town councils


8 thoughts on “Consultation – Extending powers of the Local Government Ombudsman

  1. Ha ha ha – no fear of that crew. Anyone who’s had any dealings with that lazy bunch of desk jockeys will know full well what an utterly useless organisation it is.

    The only things they’re interested in are easy targets ‘Mrs Smith didn’t have her bin emptied last week’, oh, er, and of course the big fat salary cheque going into the bank every month.


    • You mean this lot :
      I just feel that many of our local Parish and Town Councils do need as much scrutiny as possible.
      RMBC seems to have managed to stay within the 2% Council Tax limits by shipping costs onto Parish Council precepts.


      • Anston Parish Council meeting on Monday 16th March.
        Independent (?) Person Phil Beevers tells councillors and public APC will either face inspection (at a cost of £8k), be merged or scrapped because of the 35 complaints made against the council and councillors. (aka open warfare)
        Would jurisdiction under the LGO. make any difference? I doubt it but I would like to think the daft decisions made by Monitoring Officer will be subjected to closer and more robust scrutiny and could be appealed against to a more senior and neutral person.
        I’m not in favour of more legislation and control of local councils but perhaps there is an argument for a supervisory body to oversee town and parish councils.


  2. @rr.
    Before I give you the answer I’m curious to know why your question is relevant to this thread?

    Anston’s precept has risen by 3.7% since 2013. However as you’re aware, the level of a parish precept is not a measure of fiscal competence.and in APC’ s case they will have a deficit.of £22k by the end of the financial year.



    APC’s £22k deficit is after they were given a grant of £31k from RMBC.
    What was I saying about fiscal competence?


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