Friday Evening News – 27 March 2015

Full South Yorkshire Police CSE inspection to start after elections, PCC announces

Ukip is the sleaziest and most disreputable party in Britain, voters say

UKIP Manchester candidate apologises for ‘shameful’ Islam gaffe at National Youth Debate in city centre

Last night’s Milliband / Cameron debate  – well worth watching.

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2 thoughts on “Friday Evening News – 27 March 2015

  1. Should have order an enquiry from the first day he took up office, then again he didn’t want to give the impression he was overseeing a currupt and incompetent Police force.


  2. “South Yorkshire’s police boss has vowed to find the ‘most appropriate person’ to carry out an inquiry into the force’s handling of child sex exploitation.”

    So he gets to cherry pick who investigates the force he leads. I smell a whitewash coming on. But it doesn’t end there:

    “I have asked my Chief Executive to draw up the terms of reference for a full inspection so that as soon as the election is over we shall be in a position to commission the most appropriate person to carry it out.”

    So not only is Billings choosing WHO investigates his police force, he and his Chief Exec are also determining WHAT they can investigate. Frankly that stinks. I know that they’ll say “Yes but look at the Jay report”. Jay was indeed commissioned by RMBC, and the terms of reference were set by the then chief exec of the council. But you have to take that in the context of the day; At that time RMBC believed they were doing a great job, and they expected Prof Jay to say as much. They were not expecting the report to be so critical. If they had expected that, then the terms of reference would have been very different. Lets look at it another way: If you’re investigating someone for fraud for example, do you ask them which of their bank accounts you can look at?


    “I appreciate how unsettling this is for South Yorkshire Police.”

    What the f*ck? Is this guy on a different planet or what?

    I am not sure who exactly should appoint the lead investigator or set the terms of reference. But I am sure that person should be as far removed from SYP as possible.


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