A New Parliamentary Expenses Scandal ?

Rhondda MP Chris Bryant among dozens of MPs to claim expenses for London rent despite owning property in the capital

A Channel 4 News investigation found many of the 46 MPs bought their London properties with the help of the taxpayer when the previous expenses system allowed mortgage claims.

Dozens of MPs – including Rhondda’s Chris Bryant – have claimed expenses for London rent or hotels despite owning a property in the capital, a Channel 4 News investigation has found.

Analysis shows the expenses claims cost the taxpayer more than £1.3m since 2012.


Another excellent spot by Sansom

8 thoughts on “A New Parliamentary Expenses Scandal ?

    • Public funded, yes. Public owned? Look on any official site, be it the beebs own or the governments, and see if you can find anywhere that it actually states the BBC is owned by the public. You will not hear a politician say “public owned” when they are talking about the BBC, you will hear about the “unique way” the BBC is funded. Check it out.


  1. Whilst it isn’t surprising that Sanson, has focused on one of the Labour MP’s behaviour – after all we rightly expect more from our Labour MPs that we do from the Tory or Libdem ones; it might have been helpful to mention that – as the Telegraph says, “Channel Four News found that 46 MPs – including 25 Conservatives, 14 Labour, and four from the Liberal Democrats – were letting out their old second homes which had been part-funded through the old expenses system.There is no suggestion that any of the MPs have done anything wrong.”.
    I.e approximately 8% of Tories, 7% of LibDem, 5% of Labour.


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