News Saturday 28 March 2015

Two more Labour councillors resign from the Labour Party

Jawaid Ishaq expelled by Labour after being jailed for fraud

AWAID Ishaq has been expelled from the Labour Party after being jailed for fraud.

Ishaq, who was a councillor for Crosby and Park ward on North Lincolnshire Council, had been suspended by the party since the police investigation started.

Speaking after Ishaq was jailed for three and a half years at Sheffield Crown Court, a Labour spokesman confirmed: “Jawaid Ishaq has been expelled from the Labour Party.”

And a North Lincolnshire Council spokesman confirmed that Ishaq, 72, and of Normanby Road, Scunthorpe, was no longer a serving councillor.

Labour’s electoral nightmare: The Tories threaten its dominance of the ethnic minority vote

There could be more ethnic minority MPs from the Conservatives than Labour

Selection of today’s news by Sansom.

5 thoughts on “News Saturday 28 March 2015

    • Correct if I’m wrong Titan, but I can’t think of any parliamentary candidates that Labour have lost in recent weeks. UKIP have had suspensions and resignations – so on your terms they must be in total disarray


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