The Worksop Guardian – Council pays out £425,000 for child sexual abuse

Council in £425,000 payments to child abuse victims

More than £425,000 has been paid out by Nottinghamshire County Council to date in relation to historic sex abuse at care homes, figures have shown.

Nottinghamshire Police’s investigation into abuse across numerous council-run homes, Operation Daybreak, was launched in 2010.

Our spotter has ticked, the no publicity box, I am grateful nonetheless.

7 thoughts on “The Worksop Guardian – Council pays out £425,000 for child sexual abuse

  1. I was brought up by Dr. Barnardo’s or Barnardo’s as it is now called. I really must say that, except for one man, whom I was bolshie enough to tell to get lost anyway, the staff all behaved impeccably to me and those around me. I only heard of one girl complaining and it was about the same man as above. In fact I heard the staff talking about what I had just told them about this man and heard them saying, “that other girl must have been telling the truth then.” Apparently, they had not believed her, so, although I did not hear anything, I hope he got his comeuppance and the girl was told they believed her.


  2. £425,000 will appear to be mere loose change by comparison with the settlement figures that will eventually be paid out by Rotherham Taxpayers and added to the South Yorkshire Police’s likely settlement, It will be a truly eye watering sum! All to be borne by us the taxpayers!


  3. Precisely when it’s other people money it doesn’t matter. Perhaps if this was coming out of these incompentant Council officials and Police forces pension pots, am sure they would do a better job.


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